January 15th, 2004


I want to get an internship. I don't even really know what an internship is, or what kind I want, or what, but I know that I want to be more involved in... something. Yeah, it's pretty vague, but that doesn't matter.

My question is, where do I look for internships?

And, do they usually take place at a certain time of the year, like summer or during the school year? Or does it just depend on where the internship is at?
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Earlier I went on a trip on a hospital elevator. I rode up to floor two of the hospital. I stepped off the elevator, walked into the room of the person I was visitting...and as soon as I stopped walking, I got this weird, dizzy, light-headed feeling like I was still on the elevator. It went away after about fifteen or twenty seconds. That same thing has happened once before, a few days ago. Also, when I was little and I would go to the park and swing on the swingset for a while, hours and hours later when I was trying to fall asleep at night I would get this weird dizzy feeling that I was still on the swingset.

Just out of curiosity, has this happened to anyone else?
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I saved some work to a computer disk last night, and now I've put the disk back into the computer it is telling me the disk is not formatted and that to format it I would lose all the work that is on there. I really, really can't afford to lose that much work as it has to be handed in tomorrow :-s I know I should have also saved it somewhere else like my documents, but I've never had this problem before. Why did the computer let me save to a disk that was not formatted? And is there any way at all I can get my work back!! Pleeeeeaaaase help.

EDIT: Have just moved to another computer and it's working fine. Must have been a dodgy disk drive or something. Phew!!
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Part two...

Okay, remember my question I posted last night asking if you'd be able to kill the person you loved most in the world if they were dying a very painful death?

Part two of that question: If the only way you could do so was to club them to death, or something equally as brutal, would you still be able to do it?

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last christmas my then-boyfriend gave me a ring. we broke up two months later. i still have the ring, he didnt want it back, and now we have no contact so i cant really offer it again.

is it wrong of me to sell it?
*please dont think im a bad person* :oP
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A Car Stereo System Question

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The Question:

Is there a way to hook a portable cd player or stereo up to your car speakers w/o that cassette-type car adapter? If not, does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can get any kind of stereo/cd player in my car as a temporary source of music until I get my real stereo back?

Thanks in advance.
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multiplayer pc gamers...

could anyone PLEASE suggest/help find some new multiplayer pc games for me/my-used-to-be-nwn-posse to play..?

I'm at a loss, seriously. No one makes games anymore, I SWEAR! or if they do, and they're well wicked they're one player only and for a console!

we can't play any mmorpg's cause the friends place we play at has only a 56k modem and prefers NOT to get online often so he can save money. and hiring any consoles is out.

we've been playing:
neverwinter nights (BOOOOOREEEED NOW! XD)
settlers IV
empire earth
age of empires: age of kings

but we SOO need some new stuff! *laughs*

help is really appreciated, thanks guys!

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If two people get married but they both keep their own names what happens when it comes to the kids secnd names - do they get Sam Smith-Johnson/Sam Johnson-Smith or do they get Sam Johnson/Sam Smith, which do you think makes more sense?

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Are you afraid of rats, are you indifferent to them, or do you love them?

Personally, I had two as pets a couple years back, and I'm looking into adopting three more. ^_^ They're the cutest and most friendly things ever!
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How do they determine serving sizes for food?(I'm in the USA if it matters)

Also, what was George Lucas smoking when he approved the release of the Star Wars Holiday Special, and where can I get some?
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how many days/months/number of informal votes does a jury have to go deliberate before it's considered to be a hung jury?

also, how does one distinguish between the following political/militia groups?:

are there small differences or are they all pretty much exactly the same thing?