January 14th, 2004

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I haven't been able to concentrate for two years now. When I was younger, just sitting down for a couple of hours reading a book was so easy, but now I can barely scan a few pages of text or study before going off to do some other frivolous thing. I can't function, my head is everywhere, even my teachers and friends are noticing the randomness of my character. My grades are deteriorating from lack of focus on the subject.

What can I do/take to improve my concentration?
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Computers make NO goddamn sense.

Okay. I've noticed something weird about my computer here at work that I have never encountered before.

I use IE as my browser. Usually, I have at least 2 windows open at a time.

Sometimes, I will hear the hard drive running and then all of a sudden, the text size of IE will go from "Smaller" (my usual setting) to "Medium" for no apparent reason. I won't be doing anything to it... just reading through emails or LJ.

What could be causing this? Tiny little invisible gremlins? Our IT guy just fucking with me (I wouldn't put it past him!)? And is there anything I can do to remedy the problem?

Thanks in advance.
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1. what is ONE way in which you are you stereotypically manly?

2. what is ONE way in which you are you stereotypically girly?


my answers

1. i can eat rare steak like there's no tomorrow.

2. i take long showers.

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When you eat tiny candies that come in a variety of colors like M&Ms, Skittles, gum drops, etc. do you eat them indiscriminately, or do you sort them out and eat one color at a time?

Myself... I ALWAYS sort them out. =P

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I started Mary Kay to begin with because I was so unhappy with my full-time J.O.B. I used to run a study that involved working with people with cocaine and opiate problems. It wasn't the patients that bothered me, but the work environment, the pressure to recruit, and the supervision. Since then, my job had gotten quite a bit better. Now, after I have better happier, if a bit bored, they want to have me run another study again. Not only do I NOT WANT to run another study, I don't see how I CAN run another study, when they want me to continue the job I am doing, which is screening all the incoming calls for all of the studies. People are not approachable here though, and I know that my input regarding this situation will be either heeded or appreciated. I have been wanting to do Mary Kay full time for months now, but there are two things holding me back- 1) A definite income that I know I will be able to afford to live off of- not that I make enough at my FT job. And 2) Benefits. I really do feel like I need some input as to what direction to take my life in now. I do feel like full-time MK is tugging at me...
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the name "pendleton" sounds SO familiar. i think it was the name of a fictitious school on a tv show or movie. am i right? where is it from? it's at the tip of my tongue.
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Why was Full House so popular? In my opinion, its one of the most annoying shows I've ever watched.

And, I was thinking about the new movie, Win A Date With Tad Hamilton!. Who would you choose (if you were a girl, obviously..), Tad Hamilton (whatever the real actor's name is), the hot, rich, famous guy or Topher Grace, the guy who plays the grocery store manager? I'd choose Topher.
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Imagine that this is a diagram of a public restroom:

Door/Sinks #1 #2 #3 #4 #5(handicapped)

Which bathroom stall are you most likely to use? When I worked at a summer camp, we noticed that toilet paper was used up most often in the 2nd stall from the entrance.

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i'm interested in learning the upright bass. I've never played a string instrument before, unless you want to get technical and point out the strings on a piano. Does anyone have any experience, or beginners advice?
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Tent rocks

DVD drive not working

I have a Compaq Presario 6000 series desktop that's less than a year old. It has a Philips CD-R/DVD drive. It worked just fine when I first got it, but over time it has stopped playing DVDs. At first, it was about every third or fourth disc, then half of them. Now whenever I put a DVD in the tray, the computer does not recognize it. CDs work fine, it's just DVDs. Has anyone had a similar problem? How did you fix it?

I've tried re-installing drivers, downloading new player software, and everything in the Windows DVD Troubleshooter.

Reading in tongues?

I'm reading The Complete Sherlock Holmes right now. I love Holmes.

The funny thing is, when I read Sherlock Holmes stories, as well as some other distinctly British literature, I read with a British accent. Seriously. And not just the dialogue, the whole bloody thing. Does anyone else do this, or am I just a freak?
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Think of the person you love more than anyone in the world, whether it's your mom, your spouse, or even your cat if you have absolutely no one.

If they were dying a horribly painful death, would you be able to kill them to stop their suffering?
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