January 13th, 2004


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Does anyone belong to WEN or a similar organization, if so which one and what are your experiences with it?
I am looking for a UK based organization like this with concerns into environmental and health issues to get more into the ‘cause’ however from my searches there are not very many active organizations other than this one, however the joining fee for me is one thing that puts me off without knowing what the organization is like and being short on cash right now. Any advice?
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Can I burn a movie onto a data dvd+r?

I am trying to burn a short video I made onto a data dvd+r in idvd (mac) but the program keeps rejecting all the dvd-rs I put in.

Edit: I mix up dvd-r with dvd+r. I didn't realize they are two different things. :P Thanks for everybody who try to help!

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I want to capture jpg photos onto my computer using a video camera. Is there any inexpensive hardware to do this with that will work with Windows 2000? I bought a device to do it with a while back and then foud it only worked with Windows ME or XP.
Anytime I go to Comp USA or Best Buy I can never find anything and I hate asking people who work there.

Networking. o_O

Can anyone give me step-by-step instructions as to how to network an iMac and a Dell laptop? I recieved the laptop for Christmas and I'd like to move some of my files onto it from my iMac. I have the Ethernet cord connected, but I'm at a loss as to what to do next. All the toying around with my settings on my iMac have proved fruitless.

So... help?
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The Simpsons

Are The Simpsons on tv in Europe? I don't know... but do you watch the show? Do you think its weird that I've never watched the Simpsons?

Guys in my world cultures class today were talking about it, and the kid in front of me was amazed that I didn't know who so-and-so was... then he started doing an impression of Crazy Gil, or someone... So I was wondering if it were just really rare that a person doesn't watch The Simpsons..
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does anyone know of anywhere that sells fragrance-free, dye-free liquid fabric softener? i can find detergent like that (All Free and Clear, i love you!), but i have no luck whatsoever with liquid fabric softener.

i have very sensitive skin and dyes and perfumes make me itch like a mutha.