January 12th, 2004

Animated Kitty :)

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Hi everyone :)

How many times can I deduct federal student loan interest on my tax returns? Can I do it every year that I'm paying on the loans? Or is that just a one time deal kind of deduction?
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Expanding my mind

I've recently been given a couple of hundred pounds which I've promised to spend on learning something. Should I?

a) Get off my arse and finally learn to drive
b) Do an online Java programming course I've had my eye on (which I would put to good use)
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Mail Questions

I'm confused about how the postal service works, so maybe someone here can enlighten me.

If you're sending mail within your state, how long does it take?

What time of the day do postal workers pick up mail to be sent from the letter drop boxes? (I don't know what else to call it. They're the blue bin thingies...)

After they pick it up, is it postmarked the same day, or the next day?
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Circus, Leopard, Madagascar, Gia, Cartoon

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What is your favorite cartoon? Disney, nondisney, adult cartoon, kiddie cartoon. Doesn't matter. I'm just curious.

Mine is Beauty and the Beast, Shrek, and some Anime although I rarely get to see those, but yeah those, and a lot of kiddie ones.
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what do you think is overrated? food, actors, cars, anything.

among many things, i'd say the strip "garfield" is up there. the punchline is always the same-- garfield is lazy, and jon is a loser.