January 11th, 2004

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Has anyone ever used KY Gel and had a bad reaction to it, such as burning?

This happened to me and my boyfriend tonight, but when I washed it off and we used Astroglide, I was fine. Just wondering if anyone had similar experences.
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What are your favorite board games?

I'm definitely a fan of the heavy strategy types, myself: Go, Chess, Xiangqi, and Shogi. I'm also rather fond of such games as Risk, Axis and Allies, and Shogun. But really, I've never played a board game I didn't like.
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i'd like to learn more about the presidential candidates and politics in general. i don't watch tv really at all, so i don't know how they've been presented on the news. can you suggest a website that gives a good overview of the candidates and what they want to do with the country?
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when i was at the lab waiting to get my bloodwork done friday morning, they had CNN on the tv in the waiting room and there was something across the bottom of the screen -- something about Bush and free speech -- but it was on mute so i couldn't catch what it was about.

anyone know what that's about? bush and free speech?
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A long, long time ago (we're talking over 5 years) I've seen a movie about a deadly virus that destroyed all humans except for a small group in the Arctic (or possibly Antarctic) area... or Alaska... somewhere really really cold. :)

Then two of them finally made their way to some American city and found that all life was destroyed, but the virus seemed to be gone as well.

Problem is, now I can't find what movie it was. When I watched it, it was in Russian and the title was "Virus". But, seeing how I can't find anything like it on IMDB with that name, I'm thinking translators screwed up. So... does anyone know which movie I'm talking about?

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i have heard that some cars are tuned for a certain quality of gas. for example, some cars are tuned for premium and if you put regular in them, it's bad (supposedly). does it work the other way around? if i put premium in my little crap car ('89 honda civic), can it cause any harm?

also: how does AOL IM measure how long you've been online? is it how long you've been connected to the internet or connected to AIM? because i've noticed sometimes i'll mouse over someone's screenname and it says they've been online for 3 days or something and i know that i have not seen them online for that long. and for example, i saw them online yesterday and it said they'd only been on 45 minutes or something. so what causes that? is AIM just wacky or what?

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My boyfriend is on his way to becoming a Happy Hardcore DJ, and I'm suppose to be there and support him. Well, I'm not a huge fan of Happy Hardcore like I use to be, and it disappoint him. Many times he asked me if I would listen to him practice, and I'll say yes, although I'm not 100% into it. Well, my question is that, how can you support someone when you're not 100% into what they're doing?
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A Yahoo! Mail account question - I’ve recently noticed that only about ¼ of what I delete is ending up in my trash folder, it didn’t used to do this, I’ve had a look at my mail options and can’t find anything that may be causing it, anyone know what this could be?