January 9th, 2004

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Pizza cutting.

I'm originally from the west coast but I live in Nebraska and ever since I've lived here I've run into the phenomenon of several pizza restaurants cutting their pizza like a cake rather than a pie. Instead of triangles you have squares and the edges of course might be triangles depending on what part of the circle. Not all of them do this, I'd say half to two-thirds do. I've never seen this before on the west coast.

I hate this. I like my triangles.

I am wondering whether it's the restaurants I'm eating at or is it the region I'm in.

So how do pizza restaurants in your area cut your pizza? Like a pie or like a cake? Which do you prefer? Why do they do the cake version? Oh and tell us what part of the world you live in.
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Destiny ~ "A predetermined course of events considered as something beyond human power or control"

Do you beleive in destiny?

Why or Why Not?
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Has anyone here had Laser Eye Surgery done, or know someone who did it? I want to get it done, so I looking to find some personal ( or almost personal) experiences with it. Some people love it, but every time I mention it, MOM has to tell who went almost BLIND from it. It scares the crap outta me, really...

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i want to apply for this one scholarship and it's like this earth day thing so you have to do something to help the environment...what things could i do just so i have something to write down?? around school, in town, whatever...just not picking up garbage!

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I've been googling madly on this, but I can't find anything helpful. Does anyone know what sort of jobs are offered to 15 year olds in America, Michigan to be more specific? I know most fast food places, but I can't find the age restrictions on any websites of possible jobs.
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question for you...

I live in a hot/humid place where it gets over 80% humidity 33C (I am not sure what that is in F, maybe late 80s?) most of the year (Malaysia). Well, I moved here 6 months ago from sunny Hawaii, where the temperature stays in the nice 70s (or 24C) range through the year! :)

well, in the seven years I have lived in Hawaii, I have never sunburned! (well, I am Indian born...with naturally dark skin). Anyway, since moving here when the temperatures go up, I feel like my skin on my nose and cheeks feel like a sunburn (well, they fulfill the adjectives my friends described when they had a sunburn). It feels raw, sensitive, and feels like the skin is sizzling...and no amount of lotion seems to cool it down. (it's not unbearable, but just irritating).

This seems more from the heat than the sun, cause it's cloudy almost all year round...

Does anyone know what I am talking about? Or what to do? It's not frequent, just when the temperature gets a little higher than usual...
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ps2 game query

is rpg maker 2 any good?
i would really really like to get this game, as long as it allows me to enter my own dialogue...everything else is fine from what i've seen.

One too many times ...

What is a movie that you would be fine never seeing on Television again? (Referring to TNT and TBS's obsession with certain flicks like "Ghost," "Ferris Beuller's Day off," "Coming to America," etc.)

And on that note, what is a question that you would be happy if it was banned from being asked again here in the club?

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Right, after just watching the new Simpsons (the one where they come to England), observances aside a few questions:
1. Do they not have roundabouts in America?
2. Is English ‘candy’ really sweeter than Americas?
I know it tastes different, but the only American stuff I have had are Jelly Bellies, Hershey’s cookies ‘n’ creme and Reese’s Cups so I can’t really compare, but I would have thought it was the other way round.
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Ok so I went to the doctor today and he basically told me that I need a hobby or something to calm me down because it's starting to cause my heart to beat too fast.

Does anyone know any hobbies that would take my mind off of things? Or just hobbies in general? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you.
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mirror mirror on the wall...

Can people see what you see in the mirror?

Such as minor facial hair or little bumps?

Example... I've decided to get those crest strips cause i think the color of my teeth is ugly. but a few days ago a bunch of people said my teeth are "perfect" and they're "so white." But I look in the mirror and see, yucky yucky.

Do mirrors tell/show the truth... or not?