January 8th, 2004

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You recall the show "Sliders", I'm sure, where a group of ragtag friends slide through parallel worlds..

..which television show characters would you like to see slide into a parallel dimension and what would happen to them upon arrival?

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how do you make yourself stop worrying about something?
some lady called and i couldn't understand what she was saying, but she was asking questions about college so i assumed it pertained to financial aid. i was so confused i actually gave them my social security number. i'm so used to putting it on college applications i didn't really think about it. but i know that was a dumbshit thing of me to do because now god knows who has my SSN, address, name, father's name, and knows i have a checking account. i did *69 but couldn't get anything. basically, some scam has my SSN, and there isn't jack shit i can do about it because i'm a moron. yeah, i know you're not supposed to give that information to people over the phone. but i wasn't thinking...
this is very disturbing, but there's nothing that can be done so... there's no point in getting upset. i want to ask what should i do but i don't think there's anything i can do so......... how can i keep this from eating me alive?

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let's say i have someone's IP address and i'm trying to figure out who it is (i know it's someone on houston roadrunner because the first number is 24). is there any way i can check for additional information on an IP address?

game project

i'd like to make a SNES style game with sprites, music, all of tha above and do it all myself. are they any links to websites that someone can suggest with tutorials and/or programs that would be useful for a project like this? what language is best for writing a game of this sort? what audio programs would be good for creating the music without need of external hardware?

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