January 7th, 2004

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If you belonged to a weight loss community and were encountering, just a little too often for your comfort zone, thin people trying to get even thinner and some unhealthy weight loss tactics (like doing an extreme calorie cut and the like), and you took note of this several times (in one instance telling an anorexic that the community would be a trigger for them because of these people) and the moderator was so bothered by these observations (and not what the person was observing, mind you, and the girl in fact didn't see anything wrong with this) that she decided to drop the community, what would you do?
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I hope this isn't too personal...

If you're Christian, when do you take communion at your church?

In my church (A.M.E.Z.--African Methodist Episcopal Zion), communion is taken on the first Sunday of each month, and during Christmas Eve and New Years' services. I remember the first time I went to a Catholic mass (in kindergarten, as I went to Catholic school), I was very surprised that they took communion at EVERY service.

Yahoo! Personals -- Live

Has anybody else been following the live matchmaking that Yahoo! is webcasting for some girl named Julie?


I've been checking in throughout the day. I've seen her have breakfast, do yoga and go on her first date.

In case you're not familiar with this, Yahoo! picked someone who has a profile in their Personals and has them "living" on a billboard that advertises Yahoo! (from 8a-6p), which they are streaming live all day from today till Friday. She has a living room set-up and wireless internet so she can set up her dates, which has to take place on the billboard.

And now that you know about it, are you going to look?
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Hey, I've asked this question before but it was nearly a year ago so I don't remember what month it was but someone did end up helping me...

My computer was having problems (for the upteenth time) and had to reinstall windows. Well now anything that has a video to it won't play. My winamp won't play at all. Quicktime, well that won't even open for me. Kazaa will only let me hear the audio to the video, so I know it's a good version.

What do I have to download to be able to see the video on Kazaa? and anyone have any idea what's going on with my winamp?

I remember it being a simple download and that was it for the Kazaa problem. And if you need more specifics, I'm almost positive I only have the basics for everything on my computer.

Thank you.
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I just came home and played my answering machine where there was a message from my friend saying that Siouxsie-Sioux died.. I cant find anything online about it...

Can someone please tell me if it is true? (I hope its not)
If it is could I get a link?

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