January 6th, 2004

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Why is it that if a company wants a commercial for a given movie or videogame, they have to pay someone else to produce and host a commercial for them, but if I want a shirt that advertises a movie or videogame in huge letters across the front, I have to pay for it?

...Other than the inevitable answer that the companies are money-hungry and ready to leech off people who just really really have to have those shirts, of course. I'm just wondering if there's a logical reason.
I suppose maybe if you're really ugly they could say you're actually falsely advertising for them by giving their movie or videogame an ugly image...and that since the majority of people are not that great-looking, you're paying them for the shirt because they're nice in letting an ugly person wear their shirt and associate an ugly image with their company. Hmm.
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Do you ever get the feeling of claustrophobic feet?

I can't really describe it, but when I have to wear shoes for long periods of time (you know, like a normal person) I sometimes get this overwhelming and very uncomfortable feeling in my feet . . . it's very strange, and it seems to happen at random times. I usually don't do anything about it, because it would be weird to kick off my boots in the middle of class, but it's really very uncomfortable (though not painful. Just . . . yeah, uncomfortable.). It tends to happen more when I'm tired, though I can't imagine why.

Am I alone?

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For a couple weeks I've been feeling short ov breath. My pulse feels heavy and it accelerates too fast. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to faint. My lifestyle isn't healthy by any means. I smoke and drink every day; occasionally drugs. I don't eat well. I thought perhaps that all this coupled with stress might just be overloading my system so I spent the last couple days sober and resting; eating regular meals. I don't feel better. Will it go away? Am I being a hypochondriac?
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