January 5th, 2004

Home Phone

I'm planning on moving from an apartment into a house within the next few months. The recent changes in phone number laws have left me wondering if I'd be able to transfer my home phone number from the apartment to the house?


Don't you hate it when you're eating something and you're chewing and suddenly the consistency or texture of what you're chewing doesn't seem right?

Like today I was eating a burrito with just meat, cheese, rice and lettuce, and all of a sudden I was chewing something that had the approximate texture of wax. I don't know what it was, and I just ate it anyway because I didn't want to spit it out where I was and figured it wouldn't kill me no matter what it was, but I really hate it when that happens because I always wonder what it is.
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If you lend a TShirt to a friend, and then they sell it on ebay, would you feel guilty about asking them for the money from the sell? They did, basically, steal your tshirt and make money off of it.
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When your driving do you tailgate?

I definitely don't I drive with a massive amout of space between me and the person infront of me. I don't know how people can do it. It makes me so nervous!
leave your turntable on


is anyone here a member of Fan Forum? Do you know if they are accepting new members or not right now? 'Cause I've been trying to register there since November (with like, 30 different names), and it says that each name I register with is currently being used. What's up with that?

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So my hair is FINALLY starting to grow out some, but it is absolutely awful in terms of split ends and just really needing a trim. But every time I go to get a trim, I always tell them not to take much off 'cause I'm trying to grow it out, and they end up taking a lot off, so I end up back where I started. This has happened like, everwhere I've gone. So I want to try trimming it myself, but I've never done that.

Has anyone ever trimmed their own hair? How did it go for you? Do ya have any tips for me? :-P