January 3rd, 2004


Esoteric Questions

I realize these are rather esoteric, but I would appreciate the help if anyone knows the answers or how to come closer to them.

1. What is the brightest star in the Orion constellation?

2. Who is the woman in Greek mythology with a 'dead' (injured?) foot. I am fairly fluent in Greek mythology, but couldn't recall this characteristic of the top of my head in a recent discussion.

3. My understanding is that the only difference between Greek and Roman mythology is that the Romans changed the original Greek names. Otherwise, the stories are the same. Does someone think differently?

4. The Baron Redesale of England was a strong supporter of Hitler's as was his entire family. Only one person defied them and that was the Baron's daughter. Does anyone know her name?

Thanks so much.
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where are your hands when you drive?

i didn't realize this until a friend pointed it out to me, but i almost always have my right hand at 3 o'clock, and my left hand between my knees.
cookie monster

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do you have any quirky spots you like to be touched, not sexually?

i love the feeling of having the creases of my hands touched. it's weird. so i'll often have my hands in fists, with the tips of all my fingers in that big fat crease across the middle. fists feel great.

i know that's weird . . . but hey, i SAID quirky, did i not? :)
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when you're trying to rid yourself of certain things in your life, is it effective to just suppress the thoughts concerning whatever you're trying to eliminate?

like, when some people quit cussing, they wear a rubber band around their wrist, and every time they think a bad word or almost say a bad word, they snap the rubber band on their wrist to condition the curse words out of their vocabulary.

sometimes i consider doing stuff that i've told myself i'd stop, and i usually just make myself think of something different, but will these suppressed feelings surface later? would it be better to just be open with myself and deal with it?

of course, i'm referring to stuff a bit more complex than a profane vocabulary. stuff that i want to quit but it's tempting to return to . . . like subtances, a guy, and impure thoughts.