January 1st, 2004


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Can anyone think of any cheap ways of making a wall seem less bare?
Myself and my boyfriend are moving into a flat in February, it’s a lovely place however the walls are very big and white, we won’t be decorating but I need to come up with a way of making the walls seem less bare, but posters are out – mostly because we want it more like a nice house than a teens bedroom, framed posters are going to cost too much too. The only thing I can think of to do is get some really cheap frames and print off some sort of images from the internet, but I’m not sure what sort of thing to go for or how to arrange them without it looking stupid, especially with it being such a big wall, to get enough frames to cover it to a point where it doesn’t look bare but not so many as to look stupid is going to be hard.
Anyone any original ways of making walls look less bare? Even after we get all our junk in it is going to seem very empty and cold unless we can come up with a really cheap way of disguising the walls.

yeah, i'm a nerd.

has anyone else noticed how in pirates of the caribbean, as the movie progresses, orlando bloom's character looks more and more like errol flynn?

i actually rented captain blood once and watched it, and while mr. flynn was quite dashing, i found the swordfighting rather disappointing; it was nothing compared to douglas fairbanks, or even movies today. did i rent the wrong movie or something? because i was always given the impression that errol flynn was the swashbuckler superior.


I work in an office. We've had a temp receptionist for the past three months while another woman was out on maternity leave. Tomorrow is her last day.

I'm the baker in the office. On people's birthdays I make cheesecakes or pies or whatever. I'm already making a cheesecake today and one tomorrow, along with a huge dinner for friends, so I didn't have time for making anything fancy. I made some killer cookies, though-- chocolate chip granola, but the granola just has a supporting role. They're crispy and chewy and delicious.

Now I just need to decide, should I bring milk in to the office too? Would that be too silly or childish? Or would the presence of the cookies demand the milk?

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