Valera (valera) wrote in thequestionclub,

wedding guests

so i'm planning a wedding.
it'll be small because 1) i only want my family and close friends to be there, not a shitload of my acquaintances. 2) price considerations

so there's this guy. he's nice and everything. when we hang out he's fun and i don't mind being around him. but we're not close friends. also up for consideration is that he just got me a job with a very nice financial company.

anyway. he knows about the wedding, that i'm planning it, that it'll be sometime around june, etc. and he expects to be invited.

now a lot of people expect to be invited to this wedding.. i guess because i've been blabbering about it.. because i'm excited. and i was actually planning to have like two weddings.. one for close friends and family, and another just in the park with a whole bunch of my friends and people i know...

so what should i do? what would you do if you didn't have a lot of money for the wedding and wanted it to be special and personal, without hundreds of people you generally hang out with? how would you tell people whom you sorta owe a favor that .. it's for close friends, and they're not a part of that group (i don't know if he thinks he is.. but at some points we hung out a lot. he's slept over my place, we went skiing together, etc.)

hah.. and i do hope that not EVERYONE in the world reads tqc...
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