December 31st, 2003


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I saw a movie last night and it was on AMC. I'm just wondering if any of you know what movie I'm talking about cause it didn't say the name after it was done.

The movie seemed to be filmed in the 60's, and it was in color. There was a girl, and she had a boyfriend, but he was pushing her to have sex and marry him and etc etc. So she went to camp to get away with her friend. She was a drama director at the camp, and one day, they paddled across in a canoe to this casino/resort place, where the main girl's friend had a boyfriend. The main girl, met the man she liked, and he was a dance instructer at the casino/resort. It said something about him being from New York and being a play writer. Then the girl's parents came to the casino/resort to visit the young girl and meet the man she met and liked. The mother didn't seem to like the man because of his job and that he dropped out of school to become a judge, like his father, whom the mother knew personally.

I tryed to give as many details as possible, but if you could help me out at knowing what movie this was called, I'd be very happy. Thanks.

New Year's kiss

Does anyone have any interesting New Year’s kiss theories? My roommates have a theory that whoever is your New Year’s kiss determines the type of person you date for that year. For example, one year my roommate kissed a friend of hers who was gay- then the guy she met later and dated for most of that year came out of the closet soon after breaking up with her. The years that she didn’t get a New Year’s kiss, she didn’t date anyone that year (hookups not included) and the year that her New Year’s kiss was a clingy insecure guy- the rest of the year all she met and dated were clingy insecure guys. Personally I think both of them just develop trends of the type of people they meet and date but it’s amusing none the less.…
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all the lies

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anybody want to give me some good songs that are anti-new year's eve? something along the lines of fuck everyone...because you want be hearing "happy new years" from me!

long day at work and I am seriosuly ready to start killing everyone
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