December 30th, 2003

New Years resolution

One of my new years resolutions is to get more active and to lose some weight. I'm not horribly overweight or anything, but I would like to drop about 10-20 pounds.

I've dieted before and was successful, but I want to add more exercise into my daily routine.

So here are my questions:

1. What time of day should I work out? Is it better to do it in the morning or evenings? Or should I do it based on my own schedule and what would suit me the best?

2. What are some foods to avoid and what are some foods that I should eat more of?

3. What are some quick and relatively easy exercise moves? And what should I do to help eliminate some extra "fluff" on my belly? Crunches or something else?

Thanks in advance. :)
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Dark Cloud 2 Help

For those of you who've played or currently playing Dark Cloud 2...
I'm stuck in Butterfly wood. I got to this place with the rainbow falls and pond. I have the Gardner guy (although I'm not sure what he's supposed to do). guides aren't too great. They are either incomplete or don't go into detail. Any help would be really appreciated!


I'm getting a new laptop computer, and my parents have agreed to pay for up to $1200 of it. If the model I want is more than that, I have to pay the difference - so logically, I'm hoping to get a great deal on a minimal budget. What brand/model do you recommend? I just need something speedy [no lagging when I'm running Photoshop & other larger programs], lots of room for mp3s & such, a CD burner, & preferably a DVD-Rom as well, but not necessarily a DVD burner.

Also, I know nothing about graphic cards & whatnot, but I assume I should want a nice one since I plan to view DVDs on my laptop. So on that topic, what are good quality graphic cards?

Thank you!

P.S. If you know of any other communities that may offer better advice on this, let me know!

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My lips have been attacked by Winter, and I just want to know what kind of lip stuff do you people use to help chapped lips? Mine are severe and they just don't heal because they're blistery all the time, it sucks! Help!

By the way, I've tried:
Blistex Lip Conditioner (and practically all other blistex things)
ANY other kind of smelly yummy lip gloss that just make me want to eat my lips

Oh, and I have a horrible biting problem, maybe I should get hypnotized.
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Has anyone ever burned a copy of John Mayer's first CD, Room for Squares? It doesn't seem to work on my computer, but I did a whole bunch of other CDs, so I'm wondering if they did something to it so it can't be burned.. anyone? Thanks!


Okay, I haven't been to one in about 15 years, so I don't know.

How long do funerals typically last?

How about one where there's the service in one spot and then the burial in a different location?
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Have you ever "broken up" with a friend? How did it go? What did you say? There's someone I really don't want in my life anymore, because of their self-destrutive behavior and the fact that repeated attempts to help her have failed.


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a lot of times when we think our parents are unfair, they tell us that we'll understand when we're older. do you have any personal examples of that?

among many, i used to always complain about having to take piano lessons. after several years, they finally let me quit, and now i really wish i had continued. music really DOES make a person more well-rounded, and the ability to play an instrument comes in handy later in life.
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Okay, I'll admit it, my cat's breath STINKS to the high heavens. Treats and food to clean teeth, etc., aren't doing enough. I know there is stuff to put in water bowls, but my cat prefers to drink out of the toilet. He can even lift the seat up! Bringing him to the vet for a teeth cleaning is waaaaay too expensive. How can I get his breath nice again so I can be within a 5 foot radius of him?! lol