December 29th, 2003

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when people had a life expectancy of 40-something, were there 40-year-olds that had white hair, wrinkles, and arthritis (like our 80-year-olds now)? or did they look like the 40-year-olds do now, and they just died looking younger?

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Ok, this is an open question to the floor, to you astute readers. Something pertaining to your sight would be a visual sensation; to your hearing, an audio sensation; your sense of touch, a tactile sensation; to your sense of smell, an aromatic or olfactory sensation.

But what would you call something tasted? A flavored experience? Tasty? Is there no comparable word to the other senses?
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A lil help?

Hey ya'll....I'm researching for the current novel project....and I was wondering if anyone could help me....

I'm looking for people who went to preparatory and/or public school in Great Britain/Northern Ireland.....Or anyone who has close family or friends who did....Just want to pick your brains about 'old boys' stuff...the more recent the better, as I want to make sure I get things like curriculum and current living conditions/staff employment figures, etc accurate...

So....can anyone help me?

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How often do you post a question or ask for advice and someone responds who obviously either completely misread it, didn't pay attention, or didn't finish reading it?

I remember posting a question recently, and I had to correct and recorrect people because they kept responding to something I never said. It was obvious, if someone took the time to read it, what I was actually saying (even other people were correcting them for me, repeatedly, saying, "that's not what she said, she said this"). They simply misconstrued what I had said. Even when I corrected them, they kept on acting like I never pointed out what they had misconstrued, still responding with their original misinterpretation in mind.

So, how often does this happen to you? How often do you think people misconstrue things and remember things incorrectly?

Question about the afterlife

For those of you who don't believe in any type of afterlife, how do you reconcile the death of a loved one? I'm not arguing whethere there is or is not an afterlife. I'm saying that for people who do believe in one, one is comforted by his/her believe that the deceased lives on in another realm, and/or that there will be a reunion. How do those who don't believe in one get through it? How do you console yourselves/each other?

PMS question

Since I have lost a bit of weight, about 15 lbs (never got to my goal weight and have since plateaued, unfortunately), my periods have become regular and I've begun ovulating again. The crappy part is that I now have PMS to the max. I get THE WORST mood swings, and I HATE them. They turn me into a psycho bitch from hell.

Other than going on the pill, is there something to stop this?
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I have to send off some of my college applications this week, but I have a dilemma. On my transcripts, they printed the wrong Social Security number. I can't contact any of the schools I'm sending applications to--they're likely on break now--and I can't contact MY school either. What should I do to remedy this?
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Has anyone heard of the National Honor Roll? Could you tell me what you know about it?

On a completely different topic, those who could look at a picture and remember it in their mind is said to have "photographic memory". What do you call those who remember things by hearing?

Adding Friends

When you want to add someone to your friends list, what are you most likely to do?

1. add them without saying anything
2. tell them you are adding them, but you aren't asking for permission
3. ask if it is okay to add them