December 28th, 2003

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How do you feel about people living together before they are married?

If they decided to get married after years of living together, what would you think?

Should they be entitled to a big church wedding with a white dress like a couple that had waited for each other?
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stupid question:

can healed scars get infected?

i know i know, not if they arent open and thereby susceptible to bacteria... but has anyone had it happen despite the lack of logic?
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Okay. I'm stumped. This isn't a joke or anything, I'm just trying to think of something. Don't ask why, I really don't know.

Who wears a cape other than a superhero?
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voice placement

I know the major voice placement categories (soprano, alto, tenor, and bass), but a while ago I found a really detailed breakdown of those categories and examples of popular singers whose voices were in each range. Does anyone know what characterizes the ranges, and could they give examples of a singer who sings in that range?
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i saw the national jump rope championships today on espn!!! who knew it was a professional sport? it was AMAZING! i taped it to watch again later and show my friends :)

what other sports are out there for which you wouldn't expect there to be a professional circuit?

in addition to jump rope, i once saw a shallow-diving competition. people climb up ladders (when i was watching, it was 40 feet high) and jump off, landing on their hands and knees into one of those baby wading pools. (2 feet deep, max)

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after quoting a question and start a new sentence, do i capitalize the first word in the new sentence?

for example: I asked them, "Why don't we use it?" The answer to my question was that it cost too much.

how would you correct that?
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On Eddie Izzard's Glorious, there are a few things in some of his routines that have me scratching my head, and so I'm hoping there are some British types in this community who can explain these things to me.

In one, he's talking about the emergency lifejackets non-commercial airplanes have and something about there being a pipe and them going "top up".... and he goes on to say he'd rather they be "stays up" and blah blah blah "top up". What does that mean?

And later in the same routine he's talking about the light refreshments on this commercial, and he mentions the pilot pulling out some "jammy dodges" (it may be "jammy dodgers", it's tough to say) -- I gather it's some sort of food, but what on earth is a jammy dodge/dodger???

I understand 99% of what he says and he's frickin' hilarious, but when he confuses me he really confuses me.

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Does your family have any back-in-the-day connections to any celebrities?

Are you related to someone famous? Live next door to someone?

Most of the time I really don't think of celebrities as real people, and hearing about them actually existing outside of what I see on the news is always interesting to me for some reason.
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