December 26th, 2003


Stupid question time

In countries where they drive on the left side of the road, what is the order of the pedals in the car? In other words, in the USA (and other similar countries) the pedal on the far right (toward the middle of the car) is always the accelerator. If the car is a manual transmission, the middle pedal will be the brake and the left one (closest to the door) will be the clutch. What's it like in Europe and elsewhere?

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How do you know how much to spend on a hall for a wedding reception? My sis is getting married but has very little money to spend. What would be a good price range for a medium sized wedding?

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Okay-- there's this song that is everywhere and I don't know what it is. I think it might be a rap song, but all I ever hear is the brass part. There's an entire brass section that goes, bwa-bwa-bwa-BWA in a really low register. It's usually played on TV when they're giving clips from mafia scenes or the like. They play it as background music on MTV shows sometimes. I think it came out in the mid-to-late nineties but I'm not sure.

Does anyone know what it is?
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Anyone know of a good place (online) where I can get cheap airplane tickets?

and also, how much does it usually cost to fly from san francisco to l.a.?

Thanks in advance.
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