December 25th, 2003

User Icons

May be a silly question, but I will ask anyways. How do you make icons with moving graphics? Macromedia Flash? I want to make one for myself, but I don't know how, as in, what program to use.
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hold stella


Okay here's a holiday food related question...

During the holidays does your family make jello?

If they make jello is it served as a dessert or as part of the main meal?

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Would you rather

A)Count all the grains of sand on a small island


B)Push a perfectly round 200lb boulder from California to Maine and back again?

Would you rather

A) Eat a bowl of de-poisoned scorpions


B) Tandem parachute jump with a gorilla?
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the question: why does my cd player sound funny?

someone please help! i just got a bunch of cds for xmas and i'm having stereo issues!!

i can't hear the vocals well and it's making me crazy. it's like, i can hear the music just fine, but morrissey's voice is in the far distance. i futzed with everything (settings and wires) and nothing's worked so far. i hadn't even used it in a long time, then i had to move it (so i unplugged everything), then i moved it back and replugged everything correctly (i think), and now this.

there's no good reason for this.
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How old is too old to have kids? To those who are having kids (plan on or in the midst of), have you put a ceiling on the age that you will be when you have kids?

From the looks of it, the earliest that I will be able to have kids/adopt kids is 32-33 (I'm 26 now). I am afraid that is too old. Is it?