December 23rd, 2003


When you graduate from school with a music degree, what do you do next? Go on to play in major orchestras or teach? Are there any other job options?
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Why is the "official" first day of winter on the winter solstice? As the point where our hemisphere is the farthest from the sun (and the shortest day of the year), it marks the exact MIDDLE of winter, not the beginning. Because each day afterward will be just a little bit longer now, as we approach spring. Ditto for summer. What gives?

eye twitching

For the past 4 days or so, my left eyelid has been twitching every now and then. I already checked WebMd, which said if it continues for a week or so to see a doctor, but I want to hear from people who may have had this before.
I have a pretty erratic sleep schedule: some days I sleep like 12 hours but often I sleep for four or less, or perhaps not at. Could it be attributed to that?
Or possibly because I use the computer a lot for work and school?
And if you have had something like this, did it go away on its own, or did you seek medical attention?
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Michael Bluth

Television cables

I recently got a new television and while the picture is outstanding while watching DVDs, the regular cable broadcast leaves much to be desired. I'm assuming it's due to the crappy cable (you know, the physical cord) that TimeWarner supplies with new hook-ups.

My question is - are there different grades of television cable that one can purchase (I'm thinking RadioShack) that would improve reception?
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(no subject)

so, who's snooped with their christmas presents so far?

if you have, what'd ya get?

and if you don't, why don't you? (othr than it spoiling the surprise)

just got a package today from family in AZ, i got myself a new scarf, some shiny new 0g plugs, a kickass portfolio for my photography and a poofy feather pen for no aparent reason.

also under the tree were a few from my parents, so i only opened one of them. it was a re-chargeable battery thing. why!? there must be something else under there that requires a lot of battery life.. hmm.. *thinks*
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