December 21st, 2003

Monkey From mOnkEy

Question time...

Ok I herd this phrase and its buging the hell out of me cus I cant figure out what it means. Its kinda like one of those things that someone says to you that will help you threw life but ive ben trying to figure this out for about and hour now. So maybe someone hear can help me.

Chicken Little Can only be right once...

What the hell does it mean?
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Contacting someones parents for details about their death?

I was looking for an old friend that I lost touch with a few years ago, and found out she died in 2001. I've tracked down a copy of the obituary, but all it says is she died suddenly(at least I can be thankful that any suffering wasn't long), but doesn't list the cause of death or where she is buried.

I'd like to know what happened, and to visit her grave so I can pay my respects, but to do so I'll probably have to call up her parents(hopefully they still live at the same place and are listed in the phone book).

How do I bring up the subject appropriately, basically I need to say "I'm an old friend, how did she die, and where is she buried?" in the most sensitive way I can...
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Rental Cars?? Vans?? Help!

I need to rent a passenger van for some travels this new years. Like a really big van, one of those 15 people vans.

My questions are:

I live in NYC, but I need to rent it from Philly. Anyone know of a good, reasonably priced rental co. in Philly, or near there? Or could you direct me to a Philly based community where I could ask?

The credit card the van would be going on isn't mine, and belongs to the girl throwing the event we are attending in Toronto. Is this a problem?? Is this even possible? Could she call or something? I have no idea about this part. ( I guess it might depend on the place...)

Can I even get a rental, since I'm only 20? I know in NYC you have to be at least 18 for many places, but they tack on insane fees because of it.

(ps- I have a clean driving record)
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(no subject)

Does anybody know of the old version of the movie "Memento"? Is there even an older version (not the one with Guy Pearce and made by Nolan)?

If there is, can I buy it somewhere? I've searched all of the major websites (amazon, circuit city..etc) and could not find anything but the 2000 version.

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Two questions, loosely related.

I've noticed these blank CDs on the market (ya know, for burning) that would seem to be vinyl on the top half. What's that all about? I might be wrong, but I don't think it's mere aesthetics. However, I have been know to be wrong.
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(no subject)

I'm trying to settle a "discussion" I've been having with the neighbors. Please give me your opinion on these trees.

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Do you think these trees are ugly?

I'm indifferent
They'd be okay in another colour
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How come some of the smartest people are a bit on the... flaky side?

I know this sounds pompous, but, I'm pretty smart. I can memorize significant historical occurences, I can pick up languages fairly easily, and I'm a good writer. But the thing is, I can be a little bit on the ditzy, forgetful side. And I know of some INCREDIBLY intelligent people who are clumsy/absent-minded/scatterbrained.

Any reason behind that?
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(no subject)

how long does it take for food poisoning to take effect? I was hungry so I decided to have some soup...and about 10 minutes into it, I have a really bad stomachache. Like, REALLY bad.
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why do people hate him?

It seems that many people possess a strong hatred for L. Ron Hubbard. Why is that? I have yet to read any of his books and I know he isn't a famous author for nothing, so why does everyone seem to despise him? What really got me curious was when I was in Waldenbooks with a friend and I picked up Hubbard's book entitled Dianetics. I was looking at it, but he grunted in disdain. Then, the employee who overheard us agreed with him although neither of them stated any reason as to why they hate him other than that he killed himself which means to them that he wasn't all too bright...

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