December 20th, 2003


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Hows a good way to tell your parents your moving out?
My mum knows it's comming up to my moving out, she has bought some things for me in preporation, but if everything goes to plan I'll be moving out in February which is quite soon.
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Alright, here's one for the record books.

I'm making chicken marsala, and I've never used capers, but I told someone that, and she said that it isn't truly chicken marsala if you don't use capers. She also said it wouldn't be chicken marsala if I breaded the chicken with almonds before I browned it. Personally, I thought it was the Marsala wine that made it chicken marsala, but she really stressed the capers......

So what the hell are capers? I know I should know this one.....I think I remember not liking them......
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I have no clue what half of this all means but maybe some of you do...I'm comparsion shopping for a digi camera. Here are the two that I want but maybe someone could help me figure out which is better in value. They both are a little over $300-400. So I want to be sure I am spending wisely thanks!

Canon a80

Canon ELPH
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My roommate's computer is under attack!

She can't go to any websites because it says "unavailable" and then the mouse (not actually the mouse, you know what I mean right?) and there's the busy hourglass thing too.

And in the activity thing something called SahDownloader.exe is doing something called "outbound TCP access"

How do we make this stop? And what is going on?

Help! please!!


Ok so I need to find every printed addition to Dean Koontz's "Book of Counted Sorrows". I know he has 43 or 44 books but not all of them had a passage printed in them. I know there has to be some hard-core Dean Koontz fans out there. Any point in the right direction of getting this done by Xmas would be great thanks!

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I feel cold all the time. Physically, that is. It's odd. I always have to wrap up in a blanket, or I'm too uncomfortably chilled. I wear long sleeves and pants and everything, and I have a normal amount of body fat and muscle mass. But I'm always the only one in the room who's cold. Everyone else just seems fine. Anyone here have this? What could be a possible cause?
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Is anyone out there a good proof reader?....Or good at unblocking plot holes?...

I'm thinking of writing something proper (Meaning, not the nonsensical short stories that spout from my pen in the depths of boredom!)...and hopefully novel length...But I understand a good, enthusiastic, critical but not harsh proof reader is often a near necessity.....

smiles hopefully...apply within?
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five days! christmas questions.

Do you think my parents would notice if, while no one but me was home, I opened one of my presents (one I KNOW is a book- I felt it), read it, and then rewrapped it?

Do you ever snoop? When do/did your parents put presents under the tree? What are your Christmas traditions?

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guess who?

i was playing "guess who" with a friend, and i think i lost 2 victories on account of some subjective questions.

if you have the game, please pull it out.

do you think bill is looking AT you, or down?

and do you think alex could be middle eastern, ignoring his name?