December 18th, 2003

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Good morning :)

I have 3 questions. anyone here learning guitar or know guitar? you know of some good guitar tabs sites?

Third....can you suggest a couple songs for me to work on that aren't too complicated? Right now, I'm working on "Zombie" by the Cranberries and "It's Cool, We Can Still Be Friends" by Bright Eyes.
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Introduction and question

Hello all my name is Dan or as my friends call me Evil Republican Dan, I'm from the San Francisco Bay area in beautiful California... oh sorry Caleefornia... I just can't help myself anyways this being a question community I have one here for all of you

How dangerous do you think political correctness is and will be to the future of democracy?
real simple


ok, does anyone know who B Walters's most fascinating person of the year was?
i SEARCHED online, btw. and i can usually find ANYTHING.
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University Interviews

Has anyone here ever been to a Uni interview or know what kind of questions they ask?

I've just had an invitation (meaning, a summons) to an interview at Bangor University where I hope to study English Literature and Creative Writing. This is my first choice, so I really don't want to much it up!
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Thong Undies??? Dear Lord, why?

Why would anyone wear thong underwear?


In keeping with my post yesterday (Dec. 17) regarding my Involuntary Theft from Target, which included thong undies, I took the "taste test." I had bought some time ago, inadvertently, undies that I didn't realize were thong, and never wore them, but they still graced my underwear drawer because of the pretty burgundy lace I couldn't bear to part with.

Deciding that I could not really condemn thongs and their particular attributes, until I actually tried, wearing them, I wore them to work today, bringing along an extra pair in case I couldn't stand it - a nice pair of comfy, stretchy "hipsters" that, um, cover the entire "parts," but still low-cut enough to wear with today's fashionable women's low-cut pants (in the 70s they were called "hip-huggers").

I COULDN'T STAND IT!! I had to change them. I threw them away, burgundy lace and all, never to be seen or worn again (unless someone takes them out of the trash in the ladies' restroom, I sure as hell hope not, I stashed them in a plastic bag first so they couldn't be seen).

I can't imagine what it would have felt like if I'd worn the ones that were too big, as extra material would have had to be stuck up my, er, crack.

No wonder girls are so cranky these days.


Now that the manufacturers' of "feminine hygiene" products have brought out an entire line of thong pads designed to be worn only with thong undies, will the underwear industry be forced into continued manufacture of thong undies, and by doing so, continue to force the kotex/pad industry into manufacturing thong pads, thereby creating a merry-go-round effect that will never end?

Dear Lord, I hope not.
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this girl keeps prank calling me. i could put up with it until she started saying rude things to my parents and leaving ridiculous messages on the machine. she also gave my number to an old drunk guy and had him call. i would retaliate, but the kind of person she is, it would only provoke her more.
you have to pay a monthly fee to block a number, we have instead decided to just do a trace the next time she calls; it costs $7 and notifies the police. we've talked to them and they gave us a number to call so they can do a "phone arrest", whatever that is. harassing people over the phone is a relatively minor offense, and they'd probably just fine her or something.
my question is, should i warn her before involving the police?
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Does anyone here describe themselves as asexual? If so, why, and what does that mean to you?

I found a whole community for asexuals while I was using the random feature ... I hope this isn't offensive to anyone, but it's a strange idea for me. I can see delaying sex for personal or religious reasons, but I can't imagine not being *interested,* which seemed to be how the community members were saying they felt.
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how many iraqis have been killed since the US began war with iraq?
also where did you get your numbers, so i can check it out for myself.

when i listen to the news, i hear, "3 americans soldiers died in iraq today."
what makes american lives so much more valuable?
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I didn't feel so good coming home from school today. I had a little headache toward the end of the day but I thought it was because I was yelling a lot during lacrosse practice. It's gotten progressively worse (but not unbearable) and when I had dinner my stomach started to bother me. I'm not in extreme pain but I AM uncomfortable. A sudden wave of tiredness has overcome me. I've never really had the flu and I don't have a fever, even though I feel cold and hot at the same time? But I didn't even have a fever when I had meningitis. Do you think I'm getting sick? Or could it be something else?
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computer-y question

my dad got a wireless cable modem router, so my sister can go online via her laptop when she's in my room. (the main cable box thingie is in the study.) now that i'm home for christmas, i want to use the router, too, but when i put the card in my laptop it doesn't work because "a network cable is unplugged," even though nothing is unplugged over in the study, and my sister just used it not more than a minute ago.

what could be wrong, and what could i do to fix it?