December 17th, 2003


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Why don't people sign the backs of their credit/debit cards, or write "see I.D." (or even "CID")?

On the back of every credit/debit card there is a little sentence that states "Not valid unless signed."

If unsigned, if someone steals your credit/debit card, they need only write your name in their own handwriting, and so easily get away with fraud.

So, I ask as a retail worker, why do people do this?
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How old were you when you got your first real life boyfriend or girlfriend?

How old were you when you got your first kiss, this includes tongue?

And how were you when you lost your virginity and were you with the person you are now when you lost your virginity?

Personal questions I know, but I wanted to compair them to my hometown.

My answers:



19 and no I didn't loose my virginity with my boyfriend. I lost it before I went with my boyfriend then I made my boyfriend wait and I'm glad I did. It made things more special. I know it's corny!

I edited it because I forgot some info!
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I'm looking for opinions of LJers about George Bush's interview on ABC last night. Specifically, I'm looking for what a few liberals thought and what a few conservatives thought. So here are my questions:

1. Did you see it? What did you think? Where do you put yourself on the political spectrum?
2. Can you link me to another journal of a person who saw it and has an opinion about it either way?

What do you think?

I work with a girl, who is a part time intern, basically, that I consider to be a personal friend outside of work. Yesterday, I realized last minute that we had our Christmas lunch at 11am, and we had forgotten to get the Boss a gift. I asked her if she could go grab a gift certificate-I cover the phones and couldn't leave. I went around and asked people if they wanted to chip in money for a gift certificate, and if so to give it to the intern. Well, she went to get the gift certificate in Downtown Charleston, and got herself a $22 parking ticket while doing so, because she parked for 10 min. in a loading/unloading No Parking Zone. I think she feels kind of resentful, because noone has offered to help her pay the parking ticket, and she wouldn't have gotten one had we not asked her to go do this-and I can see this point. On the other hand, I feel that she got the ticket because of her decision as to where to park, and we are not responsible for her decisions in that regard. We didn't offer to pay for her parking initially because we hadn't thought of it, but I know she would have been reimbursed after had she come back and said she had to pay for parking.
My question- would you offer to pay some of the parking ticket, or would you chalk it up as being her mistake, and let her deal with it.
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Involuntary Theft - should I take it back?

Last night at Target, I accidentally took someone else's bag of merchandise that was set on the counter with mine. It had a size XXXL long sleeved men's T-shirt and some quite large women's thong panties that tie in bows on the side. **shudders**

Anyway, should I take the stuff back? The clerk put it with my stuff, she actually put a pair of earrings I bought into the bag, so I assumed it was mine. Time is valuable, and I hate having to go back here and try and explain to them what happened.

On the other hand, I might feel guilty and generate some residual bad karma.

What would you do?
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If you're home for the day due to illness, do you generally feel better schlumping around dirty in your pajamas and robe or after having gotten cleaned up and put on fresh clothes?

Taking a taxi

So, lets say you're a single woman taking a taxi, which is a rare occurrence. It's a pretty small town, and taxis aren't a part of life like they are in some big cities.

Is it more appropriate to sit in the front or in the back? Is it a question of where you're most comfortable, or is there a protocol?
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Whenever I try to save an image to my hard drive, it always wants to save as an untitled bmp. It never did this before ... I haven't changed any settings or anything ... Anyone know how I can fix it?

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ok everytime i go into it, it gives me an error of 404 Not fond and goes to which i dont get. Can e=anyone tell me what to do? All I want to do is check my damn email!
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What Do You Think?

President Bush .... You hear him all the time talk about freedom ... all the time, freedom this, our rights that, freedom, freedom, freedom. And then he stands up and says that people don't have the freedom to marry whom they choose. What he really SHOULD be saying is, "Any Roman Catholic, Republican, Anti-same sex marriage, and pro-life have freedom." This is a America, WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO CHOOSE WHO THE HELL WE WANT TO MARRY!!!
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Should this be happening?

For some reason, my computer speakers seem to be picking up a radio signal. Nothing at all is attached to them except my computer. I can't hear it well enough to tell what exactly it is, but I think it's either opera or hymns. No announcer has come on yet.

I also only pick up the music when I have the volume on the speakers turned way down. The louder I make the computer speakers, the music quiets and dissappears. Are computer speakers supposed to be able to pick up radio signals?
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