December 16th, 2003



when i was in ap bio 2 years ago, i remember doing a lab where we had to crush . . . something . . . and under a microscope you could see these things pop out, like fireworks, and within each "branch" of the fireworks, there are tiny little ovals. some are black, and some are white. by counting them, you could discern something about the genetic makeup, i think.

what was that?!?!

i ask because the icicle lights i see on houses in the neighborhood remind me of this lab.

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this one's for all you computer nerds out there. ;o)

i have windows XP installed on a micron millenia computer. i use zone alarm for my firewall and everything. but lately, vsmon.exe is running all the time and using up most of my computer's resources. at the moment, it's using 91% of the CPU and 17,088 K of memory. what is going on? how can i stop it?

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What do you do if half your face is swollen, your throat is really sore, you have a nasty cold sore, and all the joints in your body are on fire & you have to be at work in twenty minutes? I called out once already though. Now, this is a plain seasonal job that I don't plan on keeping after Christmas but there is still one more paycheck 'til then and I have christmas shopping left to do. What would you do? Call out, go in and deal or..?

Looking for a song

Two part post:
1) I have a song stuck in my head... can anyone name it for me?

It was played on the radio in the late 70s and early 80s... now it's just on oldies and light rock stations. Instrumental... most of the song is just a trumpet, but a couple of other instruments (a bass, maybe drums) pick up for a little bit in the middle. The title isn't "Always With Me, Always With You," because that's a guitar song by Joe Satriani, but I think it's something along that line.

2) I'm trying to make a CD of good whistling songs, and the trumpet song is one of the best I've heard. Can you suggest any others? I can hit the high guitar note in "Bohemian Rhapsody," the low notes in Eric Clapton's version of "Motherless Child," and I can handle the speed of Mozart's "Piano Sonata in A Major (K. 331)."

Style is flexible... pretty much any Journey song is good for whistling, and about half of Boston's catalog. Savage Garden's first album... quite a bit of Def Leppard. Marcy Playground's "Shapeshifter." But I'm looking for songs I don't have, so ignore this paragraph. :)

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Do you:

buy gifts online or locally in shops?
bake treats rather than buying "things"?
prefer the UPS man or the FedEx man?

Are you:

celebrating Christmas (or other holiday) at your home or going elsewhere (parents' home, friend's home, in-law's, vaction)?

Got snow?
leave your turntable on

holiday music

What are your favorite Christmas songs?

My favorite traditional: "O Holy Night" and "Angels We Have Heard On High".
My favorite modern: "I'll Be Home For Christmas", "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas", and "This Christmas".

And do you prefer gloves or mittens?
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Why did they go to so much trouble to insure that the male birth control pill (or shot) would not effect sex drive, when they did not and have not with the birth control for women?
Will you, or your partner, be using the male birth control if and when it becomes available?
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What's Your BIGGEST Pet Peeve? Mine is gum chewing/lip smacking. I wish it didn't bother me, but the sound of people chewing gum drives me off the wall.
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I went to the docters yesterday. my tonsils are humungo. they took a strep test and said that it wasn't strep. my gland things by my throat are also huge. my tonsils have white icky stuff on them & i can hardly swallow, or talk.

sorry for the gross picture that i prolly made in your bed, but any idea what else it could be? he really wouldn't give me a straight answer besides "drink tea and gargle water. you just have a sore throat." but it's starting to hurt my jaw & like inside my ear.

owziez. thanks.
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did you know that there's a

Why do people who absolutely dislike something (a TV show/singer/movie/the list goes on) join a community or message board, egroup, WHATEVER that is for FANS of the thing just so they can talk crap about the subject at hand? I'm a member of this community for people who are fans of the TV show Degrassi: The Next Generation and there is someone who is a member who doesn't contribute to the community and they feel compelled to dis the show and the other people in the community all the time. I mean, hello. The community's title is degrassi_fans--meaning that if you HATE the show, don't join.

Why do people do infinately stupid crap like this? Why waste your time on something you hate?

(And do you find the mom from Everybody Loves Raymond REALLY annoying?)
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okay. I know this is going to sound dramatic, but I'm freaking out. does anyone know the financial aid system?

This is my second year in school. I did really well last year. THIS year just went right to hell.

I withdrew from 3 of my four classes and failed the fourth.

Will I lose my pell grants?

Have I ruined my life?
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