December 15th, 2003


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When referring to somebody from Yonkers, what kind of accent would you say they have? Would you put it into the group of New Yorkers, because they aren't really from the CITY city. What do you say guys?
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Kitten Sick or Allergy?

I've had a new kitten for say ... oh about two weeks. I have two older cats so I know how to take care of them and raise them and normal behavior etc. When I got my kitten (at a shelter) she seemed fine. On the way home I noticed she sneezed. Which was like, 'okay whatever, cat do sneeze." So anyway, I won't bore you, I'll get down to the point. She sneezes every so often, but not a lot. But her sneezes are um..wet? Her nose doesn't drip though. She has a little wet eye gunk stuff, but that doesn't drip either. Her eyes doesn't seem to be effected (she can open them nice 'n wide). And she acts like a normal kitten should. My other two cats haven't had any of these symptoms yet (or ever).

So is she mildly sick? Or could she be allergic to something?
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Why does the baby jesus in every single manger scene have his arms splayed outward? That is so unrealistic! And how about unoriginal as well? I know this originates in the renaissance when making things realistic was not the main goal of art, but by god, they turned old art into modern kitsch.

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You know what irritates me a little: when people post pictures of themselves, obviously for an ego trip, in a community that isn't specifically for this purpose (as opposed to the myriad of "pretty people" "big penises" "hairy crotches" "naked lovelies" "bdsm photos" "model wannabe", etc. communities).

While I don't see anything wrong with putting up pics to flaunt when the point of the community is to do such, but when it isn't and someone says, "hey, here I am, aren't I fabulous?" in a round about way (and it is pretty easy to tell the difference between "I'm fabulous please compliment me" pics and "Hiya, this is me" pics), it just bothers me and I don't know why.

Is there anything like this that bothers you, ie, small, insignificant things that you aren't sure WHY they bother you?

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Would you stay in a job just because of the benefits?

I really don't know why I am at this job and why they hired me. I spend hours a day on livejournal, checking mail, surfing the net. They have me do projects, some taking weeks to do, and then tell me nevermind, and I get paid shit on a shingle. They let me leave early almost every day, and most days I am pleading with them to find me something, ANYthing to do. I am near uselss, except for a flyer here and a brochure there (and things I swear are busy work). But it has great benefits.

Would you stay for the benefits?


I just bought fresh cabanossi and im wondering how long it would last in the fridge... normal meat wouldnt last long but this has like all the preservatives n stuff...
the cabanossi they sell in vacuum sealed bags lasts a year...


saddam questions :)

ok, well they caught saddam.

i was watching cnn and they had a panel of experts/columnists saying that if they kill saddam it will provoke more terrorist attacks

but if they just lock him up, they (al quaeda sp?) will do the same but the attacks wont be as devastating?

what do you think they will do if they lock up/kill saddam?

also, i heard that saddam's half brother Turned saddam in? is that true?

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what is your non-drug addiction? (and don't get all technical on me and say that anything that alters your body is a drug . . . you know what i mean.)

mine is softlips brand lip balm.