December 14th, 2003

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Hi I'm new here obviously and I was wondering has anyone's boyfriend/girlfriend stopped kissing them at one point or another? And why if you do know why.
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Why is it that some historical figures are usually refered to by their first name rather than their last? For example, Napoleon Bonaparte is always Napoloeon rather than Bonaparte, even in history books. Likewise with Saddam Hussein. It's always Saddam and never Hussein. Why?
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1. Any ideas to make this sentence not horrible? "The problem with the monster was, you never knew exactly who it was." (too much "was", awkward comma-ness, all-around suck.)

2. If I were to say "his hand was pointing towards it like God towards Adam", what do you think I would be talking about/referencing?
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Realizing you're old

When was the exact moment in your life when you realized that you are definitely getting old?

For me it was two summers ago. I was only 19 at the time, but for the first time ever I realized that I'm never going to get any younger, and I'm not going to stay youthful for the rest of my life. Obviously I technically always knew this fact, but it never hit so realistically until then.

I was working as a tutor for a summer program, and I said something about "Peony Park", an amusement park that was torn down in the early 90s here in Omaha where I live. Peony Park was a local treasure, and there are several generations of Nebraskans whose childhoods were spent there. Anyway, one of the students I was tutoring said, "Peony Park? What's that?", and the realization that these kids hadn't even been born until after the park was torn down hit me hard. For my friends, my parents, their parents, and beyond, Peony Park was just...Peony Park. Everyone knew what it was, and those who didn't...well...there wasn't anyone who didn't! It was such an odd experience for me, and it's stood out as a turning point somehow.
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Graphics tablets

OK.. when choosing a graphics tablet, which do you think should be considered more important.. points per second? (data rate) or size of tablet..
i have no experience with this and its for a gift...
so ive only been looking on the net, but im owndering if anyone can give me advice...
Should i go for the larger size with lesss points per second..
or the smaller size with more points per second?


invite codes

no more invite code?!

what do you think of that??

(personally... i think it's going to cause a lot of waste. lj should delete inactive journals, in my opinion.  so much easier this way though.)

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