December 12th, 2003


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Is Christina Aguilera attractive?
I really can't decide, I was a closet Aguilera fan until 'Dirty' came out and I saw the video, sometimes I think she looks attractive, but then there are some photos where she is covered in make-up and hair spray looking a total mess, the video for 'Can't Hold Us Down' put me off too as she looked like a 'charver'. Some people whom are famous need make up because they don't look all that nice without it (J-Lo comes to mind), so it makes me wonder why Christina needs so much make-up.
Apologies for the celebrity question.

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Where do flavorings come from?
They get things like banana and chocolate flavorings right, but things like cherry flavored things never taste like actual cherries, so who decided that this is what cherry flavor should taste like?
Why do some flavours not taste like the things they are supposed to taste like?

advice needed

My inlaws are coming out for the holidays. This would be fine, except they are uber-clean and can't just sit down and relax. But the biggest problem is that my mother in law speaks Russian CONSTANTLY. My husband has already told her that because I do not know Russian that I am bothered by that. But I have a strange feeling that she's going to continue to do it, and I am going to finally let her have it in a big ugly way about the way I feel.

So how do I deal with this? I would keep myself drunk the whole time they're here, but I'm pregnant and can't do that. It's rude and inconsiderate, and I don't know how to handle something like that.
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has anyone used mederma?

because im getting the distinct impression i wasted $14 on a tiny little tube that isnt going to fade my scars.
if i had to comment on the results thus far, they look worse if anything. which could be a good sign, as in theyve gotta get worse before they get better. yea, definitly redder. comments please?
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ever notice how movie trailers always have the same voice-over guy? or at least different guys with the same voice? do you think it's all one man? who do you think he is? why do you think people like his voice?