December 11th, 2003

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A friendly suggestion :-)

This isn't a question, but I think it is relevant for this community, as a suggestion for posting. I'm not trying to step on anyone's toes here, and I don't think I'm out of line, but if I am, someone please let me know, ok?

I frequently notice people in this community asking about things that have a specific geographical context, without specifying where they are. For a random made up example, say person X posts, asking for some legal advice. The problem with this? We don't know what part of the world they are talking about, and so we either write an answer that is correct for where we are from, and utterly wrong & irrelevant for them, or we end up looking through the poster's user info, trying to find out where they are from to see if it is worthwhile answering.

If the person asking the question was to say where they are from, it would save a lot of time for many people, I'm sure. Why? The person who asks the question receives only relevant responses, and those considering replying know if it is needed for them to do so.

The majority of LJ users appear to be from the USA, but not all of us are (I'm a New Zealander, myself), so we need to remember that what seems to be a simple question, can get far more complicated if we don't know the place in question. Don't assume we all live in the same country as you! If we know where you are from, or maybe a little background info, we can get a better answer to you. So really it is helping protect yourself when you ask a question, against misinformation, which can be worse than no information whatsoever sometimes.

Oh, and obviously, for some questions it's completely irrelevant where you are. Like this one: Which do you prefer, cats or dogs, and why? (Note I'm not actually wanting responses to that, it was just an example :-)

I hope what I've written makes sense (I'm a bit tired...) and you can all see my point. Thanks for reading :-)
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a few random questions just because i'm curious

1. when you shower, do you face into the water or away from it?
me: mostly away, except at the end when i turn the hot water wayyyyyyy up and stand there facing it till the hot runs out.

2. what word/s do you usually use to refer to a trash receptacle?
a) trash can
b) wastebasket
c) garbage can
d) trash bin
e) other -- if other, what do you call it?
me: usually c.

3. if/when you order food at fast food restaurants, what is at least one thing you usually order specially, if any?
me: McDonald's -- quarter pounder with cheese, no pickles, no onions. Burger King: onion rings instead of those nasty-ass fries.
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(no subject)

Can you tell women's (fictional) writing apart for men's?

If you can, do you have a preference?

For me, I can usually tell. And I tend to like men's writing more.

yu-gi-oh cards

Does anyone know anything about Yu-gi-oh cards? One of my sons said something about wanting them for Christmas, but I don't have a clue about them.

Should I get a starter deck? Does it matter which one? Joey? Pegasus? Any other?
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(no subject)

I just got glasses, and even though I look good in them, I have this weird feeling like I'm weak. Or that I'm somehow disabled. Does/did anyone else feel this way? Also, my glasses are giving my minor headaches, but I've only had them for a day...will these headaches pass?

Fingernail clippers

What's the "normal" kind of fingernail clippers? The kind that have a concave blades (like so), which compliment the curvature of your nail, or the kind with the convex blades?

I say the concave kind, my partner says convex. Each of us denies ever having seen the other kind until we met each other, and each of us hates the "backwards" kind.