December 10th, 2003



a good friend of mine is a lefty, and she told me that lefties are among the most discriminated-against people in the world because almost all products are designed for righties. so the other day in my calc lecture i drafted a list of products i could think of that favor righties. here are some from that list:

- pencils/pens/chapstick (writing reads right-side-up when you hold it in your right hand)
- fishing reels
- scissors

can you think of more?

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I have to Do a report on The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Do any of you know in what chapter Huck finally decides, once and for all, that he is not going to send Jim to slavery? He says something about he will be sent to hell, but it oh well. Something like that...

at home hair solutions

My hair is naturally dark and I am in need of hair dye.

My hair is naturally dark brown, but I am thinking of going to a copper color (preferable) or burgundy. Would anyone like to recommend a color? (Plus, I do have a lot of grey in front that needs to be taken care of...)

my first ...

Been reading a few posts and responding to a few questions...

Here's one from me..

Why is it that moms always ask you to wait at least half hour before you get in the pool or the ocean?
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nutritionists reccomend that everyone eats breakfast; not only does it give you much-needed energy, but your body really clings onto the first thing you eat when you wake up, so if you get hungry later in the day and have unhealthy snacks, you're taking in a lot of gunk your body doesn't need. this will make you gain weight. and the nutritionists at my school have conducted polls that show that students who eat breakfast get better grades.

nutritionists ALSO reccomend that you don't eat unless you're hungry, and stop eating when you're not hungry anymore.

so here's my question: what if i wake up in the morning, and i'm not hungry? should i eat?

Mice in my engine.

How do you remove the glovebox from a car in order to get to the heating unit/blower/thing?
I don't know if I can just rip it out with no consequences, or if there's some hidden button to push.
Why do I want to do this?
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So I'm suffering under the flu epidemic...

I am really tired of eating chicken soup with noodles. Does anybody have their favorite comfort food recipe that is easy to make (I'm not that great of a cook)? Or, I can also do with food from restaurants...
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Verizon, anyone?

Does anyone out there have Verizon DSL, use it for email ( and know the correct incoming and outgoing server port numbers? Their website is being less than no help, and I can't get my new email address working.