December 9th, 2003

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"As I said, I am conflicted about my growing instinct for spotting dirtbags. I think I’m an equal-opportunity spotter. I’m pretty sure that I base it on shiftiness rather than any other factors, but I worry. My friend Eric, a six-foot-something black man, was once telling me about his frequent trips to Canada. His favorite thing about Canada, he said, is that white women who see him coming down the street don’t clutch their purses like they do here. Gah. Spotting dirtbags always brings up the worry that I have prejudices that I don’t know about. We did used to have a clerk that, some of us noticed, only kept an eye on our black customers. An old manager had a problem with people who didn’t speak English like a native. One of our local policemen once warned me that I need to be especially careful of my register when "fags" are in the store. Me, I used to feel happy for elderly gay men who rent porn because they finally have an outlet after all these years, but completely creeped out by elderly straight men. Now that I’ve been at the store for awhile, I’ve progressed. I’m creeped out by both."

That quote comes from a "True Porn Clerk Stories" board. I'm mostly referring to the clutching of the purse, but I kept the paragraph intact for context.

I get that even here in Lincoln, Nebraska. The catch, though - I'm white. I get it with or without my leather jacket. I get it with or without shorts in -10 F and two feet of snow. (By without, I mean wearing pants instead.) I get it with or without my goatee. I can dress as preppy as you can imagine, and be having a day where I'm not angry or depressed at all, and I can still get it. Granted, it's kind of rare (I've heard from black friends from out of town that said how surprised they are how little they get it here), but I hardly believe it's racism as much as all-out paranoia. Maybe I'm just in the wrong city...

Hmm, an actual question... For minority people - do you see this ever? For whatever-your-local-majority-is people - do you get this too?
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Video games and cognitive processes!

I'm doing a presentation for my cognitive psychology class on how video games affect cognitive processes. I've posted a poll in my livejournal, and would love it if I could get some feedback from those with any sort of gaming experience, from goofing around on Yahoo! games to owning five different consoles!

Pretty please?

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Questions? Back in my day, you were lucky to know how to talk, let alone ask questions! Everyone had their mouth sewn up, nailed up, or taped up! It was against the law to have your jaws flappin' in the wind! Sure thing you could let your tits fly high in the sky, but if you were yackin' yer yapper, you got fined for it!

Anyway, what's the best question you have ever been asked?
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What is the estimated TOTAL wealth of the U.S.?

Meaning, if you added up the value of all real estate, all the market capitalizations of publicly traded companies, the estimated worth of private companies and such, what would the entire estimated wealth of the U.S. be?

question for US dwellers

Why is a trend like chili so popular in the south, but not the north?

For example, Texas loves chili, but up here near Chicago (where we need it the most), chili is pretty uncommon. Why is that?

I also hail from near Cincinnati where chili places are a dime a dozen. We have NONE here...
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what government agencies make use of video production? I am trying to locate any and all departments within ohio state government that have their own video production staff, but I don't know where to begin. I have been on the state and columbus's websites, but there is no way to tell there which ones have them or not. Does anyone, off the top of their head, know which departments would have such facilies?

prevelent topic, sliiightly new angle.

so in the regulation/cramping respect... birth control pill worth it?

(im 16 now. i have maaajor menstral drama. my mother wont allow me to go on the pill because she thinks ill start having sex all over the place. crazy lady. anyways now i can drive, and get them for free, so i just wanna know if its worth my time [and the trouble ill be in if caught]to go on the pill. gracias.)
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I use Nero Burning Rom to make vcds, but on sometimes my picture is upside down or the words don't match with the mouths. Does anyone know how I can correct this?

Thanks in advance ^^

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A computer question...regarding my usual PC jinx.
Sometimes on this PC I can't open new windows when I right click links or when I click on links - for example when answering Lj comments in my inbox it won't let me send the reply, I have to go to the comment itself on Lj to reply. It also won't let me coppy and paste. If I restart the computer it's fixed, but it keeps happening - what is causing this?
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journals and stuff.

1. Have you ever kept a real, handwritten/paper diary/journal? If so, for how long?
2. What do you think about parents who read their children's journals/diaries?
3. Has a parent ever read your journal/diary? Did they tell you? How did you feel afterwords?

I've kept a handwritten journal consistently since I was nine years old. I've had about eighteen of them that I've filled.

When I was about thirteen, and my family was in the process of moving from North Carolina to Texas, my mom read part of my journal. I was complaining about how I was depressed about leaving my friends and going to a new school for the second time in a year in a particular entry, and I saw her typing an e-mail to my dad that said something like, "...and Candice wrote in her diary that she feels sad about leaving." I felt incredibly disrespected and hurt.

I don't think that parents should read their kids' journals. Unless something serious seems to be going on in their kids' life. Other than that, though...
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does anyone know why it took so long for hybrid cars to come out? and what about boron powered cars? if it's so environmental friendly, why isn't it available for the people to use?
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I was wondering if anyone knew of a place that will hire someone with crazy coloured hair. I can't work overnight for numerous reasons so thats out of the picture. I'm dying to dye my hair again, but I also need the money. If someone could leave suggestions it would be most appreciated
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I have to write a personal essay for class. It can be about pretty much anything, not *necessarily* memoir-y. It just has to be nonfiction. (And, of course, not a report/essay or anything.)

What should I write about?
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