December 8th, 2003


if the president of the USA has a first lady?
what does the prime minister have?
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Subjective question

Does anyone actually think Paris Hilton is pretty/beautiful? Not just that she has a nice body, cos ANYONE could have one with that much money and nothing else to do, but that she's actually attractive.

I really, really don't get what the appeal is there -- I think she looks like Ugly Barbie. But, i am not a guy. Guys?

Stupid car

I got into my car this morning. It turned over a little slower than usual, but I live in Maryland and we were just hit with a snow storm. I hadn't driven my car in 3 days, so I figured that was why.

However, after I took off my emergency brake, I noticed that the brake light was still on (the little light down near where the odometer is and all that). I tried a few times to put the brake on and then take it off, in hopes that would turn the light off. It didn't work.

Eventually, driving down to work, the light went off at some point.

Should I be worried? A co-worker told me it might mean I need more brake fluid, which isn't too much of a pain, but could it possibly be something else?

Thanks in advance...
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Spyware? WTF?!

Alright, what the fuck is my computer doing to me? I'm suddenly getting all these messages that say "if your computer is showing you this message, you urgently need to download spywiper!" They've been opening the CD drive, and opening different programs, and always telling me that I urgently need to buy this program to get rid of this spyware crap.

What the fuck is going on? Should I buy the damned software and give them my credit card numbers? Or is this some kind of hoax?

*grinds teeth* I hate computers.

Need a good book...

Can anyone reccomend a good book... i have 3 hours on the train every day for work.. and im not usually into books.. but i cant find my discman and magazines are getting too expensive every day!

Im not into science fiction at all..
I like true storys, preferably crimes or mysterys...

or even a big crime that they may have made a book out of that i could research?

thanks :)

(no subject)

Okay, here's my deal:

I'm in a Denver-based garage band. It's getting quite cold in Denver. We practice in my garage at 4-8pm, meaning it's dark out during most of practice. Darkness + low temperatures = even lower temperatures.

What I need is a way to keep my garage warm.

We can't move inside my house because of the noise, space, and overall filth of a band. We can't move to another person's house because I need to keep my drum set somewhere that I can play it for my own practice. We've tried electric heaters, but they always blow out the power and really aren't that warm in the first place. We can't really do anything that requires fresh air, because if we open the garage, we're likely to get snowed on.

So, how can I get my garage to a comfortable temperature?

Thank you!
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(no subject)

This is a little controversial, but I'm curious what you guys think.

How prevalent do you think racism is in the world today?

What about prejudice against homosexuality?

And because I need to give at least one senseless question, does diet Dr. Pepper taste like regular Dr. Pepper?
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(no subject)

How much sleep to you get a night. For those of you who get less than 7, do you feel you are sleep deprived?

Were any of you able to actually train yourself to function well on less sleep? How did you do it?
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(no subject)

My stepchildren had a performance on Saturday. The performance was really good, not just "good for kids." The audience was clapping and hooting and stamping its feet - except for my stepchildren's mother, sister, and brother-in-law. They sat there like they were watching TV. Can someone explain this to me?

Also, why won't people MOVE TO THE BACK OF THE BUS? Why, why, why?
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Secret Santa Gift Ideas

We're doing Secret Santa at work again this year and I drew one of the older retail lady's name. She's in her early 50's (I think) and we have a $5 limit. I have no idea what to get her. Any suggestions? (I have to drop it off by Thursday!)