December 7th, 2003


pay for play cell phones

i need to break down and get a cell phone. i'm not sure just how much we'll use it, so i'm torn between getting a plan and going with Virgin Mobile. my ideal is to try it out with Virgin Mobile and transfer the handset to a plan if we use it alot. i live in a city, so i definitely have coverage and lots of companies to choose from for a plan.

is it possible to transfer a Virgin Mobile phone to a regular plan, or will i have to throw the phone away and start over again?
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i wish i was techy.

i havent been able to open my friends page for the last two days.

i get two windows, the first telling me the program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down.
when i click "close"
i get another window telling me there is an error in internet explorer and to restart my computer.

ive restarted my computer a number of times know...

anybody know what the problem is/how to fix it?
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leave your turntable on

I am clueless.

Okay, so I'm going to be having a party this weekend... and the thing is, I don't know what the average high schooler does at a party. The only thing I've been exposed to is, you know, the teen movies where there's loud music and lots of beer, but I don't want that... it's going to be a medium sized, 80s themed party. So what should I do? I'm definately playing 80s music, but what else? It won't seem stupid to bring Twister or anything, would it?
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(no subject)

Where should I stay in Moab, UT the night of 2 January (and where should I stay away from)? My boyfriend and I will be passing through on our way back to Phoenix and I can't seem to find a hotel.
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Babysitters Club Books

Can anyone tell me if kids these days are still reading Babysitters Club books (It's a series of books by Ann M. Martin, popular from my elementary school days). I just got all of mine out of my parents basement and if they're still popular, I would save them for my daughters to enjoy, but if they're not, I would either sell them (any takers?) or donate them.

What should I do? Save them for my daughters? Sell them to Half Price Books? or Donate them to our local Planned Parenthood's book sale?