December 5th, 2003


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Okay, here's the imaginary scene:
Your husband/wife is dying of cancer, and the only way you can save him/her is to get her this new drug that was created. Although the drug cost $400 to make, the drug-maker is selling it for $4,000. You try to raise as much money as possible to buy this drug; however, you only raise $2,000, and the drug-maker will not compromise with you by selling you the drug or allowing you to pay the rest of the money in payments. Would you steal the drug?
Why or why not?
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I can't sleep. I know it's stress related, but it's out of my control, so I need to bite my tongue and suck it up. Still, I can't sleep. I'm lucky if I can catch 3 or 4 hours of Zzzz's. Besides, tea, booze, nicotene, or sleeping pills; does anyone have any suggestions to help with the insomnia?
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What's the deal with communities that are made to ask questions? Aren't there enough questions without making more questions? Who's going to take care of those questions? I don't see the mother of all questions "What's life all about?" rounding up the little questions and feeding them and saying, "You're a good little question, aren't you? So quiet and attentive." You don't see that happening. Why not? What is with that? I mean, come on!
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Kitty woes

I feed my cat Science Diet (the kitten formula 'cause he's still less than a year old) and it says for his weight and age to give him half a cup a day. We give him half of that in the morning and then the rest after work at about 5:30 - 6:00.

Lately though he's been eating his food really fast and when it's time to feed him again he's acting like he's starving. I don't want him to be seriously hungry (not just "oh feed me, I'm a cat" I know that trick) but I don't want him to get really fat either. Thoughts?
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Supernatural: Kill Jefferson Starships

name generators...

every year I do up the name plaques for work for everyone's doors.

last year I did them up with everyone's elven names, which is cute and all but really wasn't that exciting. SOO anyone got any ideas/know of any name generators that would be funner???
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