December 3rd, 2003


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Why can't they make CD/DVD boxes where you can actualy get the disk out?
They have them so you push in the center but it's hard to actualy get the disks out and some are hard to get out without feeling like you're going to break them, surely there must be a better way to keep the disks in place?
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I don't have children so I want to know:

Do kids nowadays still love those old Christmas specials like Year Without a Santa Claus and Rudolph? Y'know, the ones with the puppets?

I've always loved them.
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cat question

I have two cats.

They seem to like to lick each others butts.

This doesn't bother me - they're free to do what they like as long as it doesn't involve breaking any (more) of my glass items.

Both of them, after they get done doing butt-licking, get this odd expression on their face, where their mouth is open just a little, maybe 1/4 inch. They have this expression for 5-10 seconds and then go back to their normal, closed-mouth cat expression.

Why? Why do they make this face (besides the obvious reason)?
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Do you believe in "good" and "bad" karma? This question came to mind at work yesterday, because no matter how nice I was to people(co-workers especially), they were still assholes to me! Isn't there some sort of cosmic law that what goes around comes around? So why doesn't niceness come around to me?
Maybe the people I work with are just major assholes and karma doesn't apply to them!
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I watch maybe 5 hours of TV per WEEK.

Why do I feel the draw of a big-screen, HDTV DLP television that costs over $3,000? If it lasted me ten years, that would still be over $1/hour just to watch TV (at 5hours/week). How absurd is that?
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I live in University halls. About a week ago one of my flatmates was hit by her boyfriend. He was thrown out, and banned from our building. She split up with him, but has since gone back to him. Last night he was here. In fact he's in my kitchen now. I can't be ok with him after the way he has treated her.
At some point since we arrived here, he, the boyfriend, has discovered a way of opening the locks on the doors with a coathanger. This means he can go anywhere he likes, anytime he likes.
Given the kind of person he is, I know that if I act against him because of how he has treated her, he will retaliate. So now I don't feel safe in what is essentially my home.
What do I do?
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me and the English Teacher from Hell

I hate my English teacher. I'm getting nothing but 90s and above in her class, but I dislike her. She constantly patronizes everyone in the class, she's a real hardass about stupid stuff, and even though I am passing--and doing so well--she seems far too eager to flunk me and prevent me from being elligible to be exempt from taking her exam.

I know of at least two other teachers who have first-period English classes, and I could ask my counselor to change classes for me, but I'm not sure if she'd allow it. I just cannot bear to deal with another semester of that woman. I don't like being talked to as if I'm stupid. What should I do?
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Cats ... again

After all the responses to my cat butt-sniffing question (thanks!), I have a follow-up question:

What are they sniffing for, anyway? They looking for left-overs or is it a hygiene thing or what?

They're both spayed if it matters.
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some people need to grow the hell up.

am I the only person who has people on their friends list who AREN'T friends, yet they blatantly dis each other and have big nasty wars?

Like, someone makes a bitchy comment about something the other person likes. Then person two says something in their journal to the effect of "I'm not going to sink to the level of some other people" and stuff, only to have the other person to go on and on, then the whole thing becomes really nasty and annoying?

I ask 'cause there's two people who are like that on my list, and I enjoy reading both of their journals, but their little vendettas and their bickering about them at least once every few months really grates my nerves.
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Is there a program out there for editing mp3s? I just downloaded a song and the thing has 20 seconds or so at the beginning that I could care less about. Or something to convert wavs to mp3s? I could cut the part off as a wav, I just don't know how to make it an mp3 again.
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Imagine that when you go to sleep tonight, sometime during the night while you are sleeping, a miracle occurs. All the problems in your life are solved. When you wake up tomorrow, what would your "miracle day" be like, without those problems? How would you feel? What would you be thinking? How would you behave differently? What would you do?
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stealing sibling

if you *know* someone stole something from you, how should you go about confronting them? 'cause if you just tell them you know, they can just deny it?
what if it's a sibling, and you could just tell your parents.. what should you tell them?
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What is the number that means you are legally blind? Like you know how on contacts and stuff they give you a number on how bad your eyes are? What's the number for when you're legally blind?
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hey, it IS a question! =)

I was wondering if anyone knows of Anglican churches in Houston (texas). If I'm allowed to be picky, the northeast side of town would be great... and/or a church with some form of night service. I checked a few resources online, but I only found one or two churches. I currently attend a pentecostal christian church but am looking to expand my horizons. Yay me =D

Any help would be appreciated.
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A question for the UK lot, do you use 'arse' or 'ass' to mean backside?
I use ass, for one I think it sounds better but also because I can't pronounce the letter 'R' so I tend to sound like Jonathan Ross if I try to say 'arse'.
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so tomorrow should i....

a) go to work from 9-5 and then german class from 6-10


b) go to work 9-5 and then an informational meeting about empire state college (in which i may actually be able to pull off a degree in photography)

and if "b" should i bother going to class afterwards seeing as its the second to last class???

geez too much to do
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