December 1st, 2003

Thinkzinc 2007

A question for guys!

I know a lot of guys (and a few girls) who are pretty much obsessed with the movie 'Fight Club'.
The film is quirky, quite interesting and pretty bizarre.
But my question for the guys is -
If there was a Fight Club in your town, would you attend it??
If so, why?
Any girls out there who would want to joing a Fight Club?
Feel free to make any other comments.
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Nose Piercings

I'm thinking about getting a nose piercing for my birthday. Does anyone have any advice? Is there anything I should know?

18 is the age you can get tattoos/piercings without parental consent, right? I always thought it was, but my sister tells me it's 21.
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computer shopping

What brand of computer (desktops) do you think is the best out there and why?

Any other information/tips related to computer shopping would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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Hammer of Doom

PDA Questions

I've decided that I want a PDA for my birthday or Christmas, depending on when we can afford it :) I don't want the higest-end one (though a girl can dream), but one in the $150-$300 price range.

1. Which PDA do you think is better: Palm (Tungsten, I think it's called) or Sony's CLIE? Or is there a third brand of PDA that's really good and that I should be considering?

2. Can either/both be used with a Mac (i.e., HotSync, data exchange, etc.), and if, so how well does it work with said Mac?


do some guys actually like teeth during oral? do they want you to bite it or scrape your teeth along it or what!?
'cause this guy was like, "harder.. harder.. sink your teeth into it.." and i was like, "WHAT!?"
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Sleep Study

Has anyone ever participated in a sleep study?

Once you check in (at 8pm), what are you supposed to do if your usual bedtime is somewhere between 11pm & 1am?

Just lay there strapped to the bed? & ever since I had my son (3.5 years ago) I have to pee every 30 minutes, even if I don't drink anything (not anywhere near diabetic, I've been tested)--so does that mean they are going to unstrap & re-strap me every time I have to go??

Or do I roam the hospital halls until I'm sleepy then summon the staff? (Yeah, right.)

I wish they would give you some indication of procedure in the flyer. All it does is go on about snoring (which I don't do unless I am having allergy problems anyway), & bringing your own pillow.

Do they make you sleep on your back? Someone said they do, & I'll never be able to sleep on my back, especailly not now, with my allergies acting up like this.

Are they in the room with you? Sitting right next to you? Or watching from behind glass, like at a police station? lol

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(no subject)

I've got six more months of high school left, but I figure I'd ask more college questions anyway:

How did you go about socializing, making friends etc.?

What are a few of the biggest and most positive differences you found between college and high school?