November 29th, 2003

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i'm just curious, what do people live for? what are your philosophies of life? what is your meaning for life?

and also, people always complain about others because of certain bad things about them, like character flaws.. but honestly, if the person is born that way, what do the people complaining expect of the person? what if they cant change, even if they want to? are they a bad person because of that? what makes someone a good or bad person?

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Okay, if you have a CD that also has a music video on it, how do you play it on your computer?

I put the CD in, and I have Windows Media Player. It's playing the songs but I don't know how to find and play the music video. Help please?

computer troubles

Theres somethin wrong with my computer...
when its starting up... it gets to "BIOS installed successfully" then stops there....
i opened it up n checked everything was plugged in n didnt fix anything...

any ideas on whats wrong??
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This "mysearch" search bar thing has somehow managed to install itself on my computer and now it pops up underneath the address bar on IE every time I use it and I can't figure out how to get rid of it. Help?
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Do you have a birthday around the holidays? If so, did you used to be annoyed if you got a combined present? (for your birthday and the holidays) Does it still annoy you?
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What are some fun themed party ideas?

I'm thinking of throwing a party, & the best idea I can come up with is a Luau

If anyone can suggest a party idea, try to include ideas for food, drinks, decorations, or stuff like that too, k? Thankies

network problem

Okay, so here's the deal. Our cable modem is hooked up through a Linksys router so that we can have two computers hooked up. Both computers worked fine.

I unplugged them to do a little rearranging, and when I plugged them back in one computer wouldn't connect. I tested the cord in the working computer and we tested the connection with the other computer not plugged into the router.

So it's not the router, the connection or my computer. What could have gotten changed on the computer to prevent it from connecting to the internet.
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Hammer of Doom

And since someone mentioned presents...

What's the worst gift (birthday, holiday, wedding, whatever) you ever received?

Mine's a tie between a $2.99 cartoon tape from an ex (talk about romantic notions -_-) and a large gift set of mints from a friend. I've never asked her about it...and to this day I not sure if she couldn't decide what to get me and just grabbed the firs thing, or if she was trying to tell me something... O_o
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An odd kinda question.

I'm probably the only fangirl that doesn't know this, but...

What in the world does OTP stand for? I see it on fandom icons all over the place, and I'm clueless as to what it means.
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