November 28th, 2003


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Why do people put their decorations up so early?
When do you put your Christmas decorations up?

In my house we put them up two weeks before Christmas, horrid tacky ones, but people in the next street have loads of tacky light outside which they put up on November 1st, it just strikes me as expensive and a little silly because then Christmas isn't quite as special if the decorations are up for months before Christmas.
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I'm a college student living alone in a small studio apartment. Relatives lately have been asking me what I want for Christmas and my birthday (which is less than two weeks after Xmas). Honestly, I don't want more stuff. I'd appreciate money more than anything else, to pay for rent and groceries. But I've always been taught that asking for money instead of gifts is rude and unacceptable.

What's a polite way to ask my family to give me money instead of traditional gifts? And why do people take this so personally?
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Drinking game?

Tomorrow my best friend and I will be doing another one of our silly drinking games and we need suggestions. The movie is:

Pirates of the Carribean

Note: We pretty much just do shots but we have harder stuff and weaker stuff so we're not piss drunk straight away.
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