November 27th, 2003

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okay, so. tomorrow's thanksgiving day, and here i am, scouring the newspaper ads for anything that looks like a good enough sale to warrant my waking up at 5:30. wow, run-on. anyway.

i've been looking for an mp3 player for some time now.

it's an "ultracompact 128MB MP3 player." Usually costs $119.99, with rebates and such this one will be $39.99.

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my problem: i'm quite technically unsavvy. i don't even know how much music something like this could store. 64MB is about 2 hours, no? so i'm thinking four hours... ack.

could you tell me if this would be a good one to get? oh my.

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All of a sudden I have all these little bumps in my mouth. My gums, insides of my lips and cheeks. They aren't any special color, they don't hurt unless I touch them, and they burn alittle. What are they?!