November 25th, 2003


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okay...i'm a person who hates confrontation...and i need to say something to this person:

i have a friend that i hung out with a lot in the summer, mostly because he was my boyfriends friend, but he's a really nice guy, just a little bit weird and extremely clingy. so yeah, he's 18 (19?) and i'm in grade 12. He's been visiting my school a lot cause he lives across the street. Technically, he's not allowed to be there, and now that some of my friends think he likes me (although i don't think he does) i'm nervous around him...i don't want him to come visit me everyday, even if i loved hanging out with him, everyday is too much, and i don't want him to hate me or be mad at me so....WHAT DO I SAY??
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So, I really like these newer rear projection DLP and LCD televisions from Samsung and Sony and the few other companies that make them so far. But I can't seem to get myself to spend $3,000+ for a television.

When do you think the prices will come down by at least 50% (less than $2,000 at least)? And what makes you think that?
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There is a person I know who has recently started smelling bad. No, it's worse than bad, it's atrocious. I can't even get close enough to them to talk because they smell that horrible. Today my friend and I tried bringing up the topic of how important we think bathing and deodarant are, but it was to no avail and Smelly Person was totally oblivious.

How do I inform Smelly Person of their ghastly odor without hurting their feelings?
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My kitty will be turning 10 in April, and lately I've noticed her meow isn't as sweet sounding as it used to be.. She actually sounds kind of like an old lady cat would, if you can imagine such a thing.

Have you ever noticed a change in your cats voice? o.O
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Have you ever chartered a bus for something? How do you do it? I'm searching around on google and all these stupid things are coming up.

And was it it really expensive?
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Texas is in the Midwest, not the South.

I was born and spent the first fourteen years of my life in North Carolina. In 2000, I moved to Texas. I consider myself a North Carolinian, as I spent the bulk of my childhood there, and I dislike being in Texas so much I'd never consider myself a Texan. A few people in my journalism class say that because I'm finishing growing up in Texas, I'm a Texan. But I beg to differ--most of my life was spent in North Carolina; therefore, I'm North Carolinian.

So who's right?
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How can you help environmental depression (I don't mean like weather, I mean what's happening in your life) and not biochemical depression? It's out of your control, so what can you do?
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