November 24th, 2003

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This may sound silly but who deserves more work-related pity, me or my boyfriend?

Me: I work at Blockbuster where I'm on my feet for 8 or so hours a day dealing with jerks and morons (and of course the occasional nice person) where I'm forced to suggestive sell the hell out of the place or risk getting fired.

Boyfriend: He has a "real" job working as a software integrator (don't ask, I don't know) for the government. Quite a bit of the time he has nothing to do so he sits and surfs the net all day, but when they get busy they get real busy, sometimes putting in 11+ hours a day. (Though sometimes those + hours count towards "comp time" he can use later on in the week unless they're still busy then he loses it.)

We argue about this jokingly all the time. If one of us has a really bad day then they have the tougher job my default, but then we'll get into arguments where both of us think we do. I know my job isn't a "real job" but it's killing my knees. -_-
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Why are some women so catty? Most of the women I work with are HORRIBLE. They act like your friend and then rip you apart behind your back. It makes the environment so much worse to work in. The worst part is, that most of them are 35 or older. I knew high school girls could be mean, but I thought it was something you would outgrow. Evidently not.
The question is this: How does one work in close proximity to these women and not get involved with their crap? Keeping my mouth shut doesn't work, they still find reasons to talk about me!!

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You're in a public bathroom sitting on the toilet. A coin falls out of your pocket and rolls over and stops next to another toilet where someone else is sitting.

Do you try to get the coin back?

If so, do you ask them to roll it back to you?

Or do you wait for them to leave and go retrieve it yourself?

And how long do you wait?

Do your answers change if you know the other person?
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I noticed that lots of journalers are using 'wintery' icons. Does anyone know where to get these? I'm wanting to get some icons that represent the winter season, christmas, or anything like that. Please comment if you know where I can find some. Thanks! :D <3 Jen
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Reese - The girl everyone likes

anybody with both crossword and pop culture skills?

For lack of anything better to occupy my mind with, I'm attempting to do the Blender crossword puzzle. I have every answer except for number 18 across.

. . . and his form-fitting hit (three words)

The space looks like this: _ _ T _ _ _ E _ E _ N _

I'm pretty confident that those are the right letters, and I'm also pretty confident that the answer is something so horribly obvious that I'll have to be embarassed that I didn't think of it.

Help! Please! :-P
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Legal Question

Is there any legal recourse available if a person shows compromising pictures of you to your friends? This hasn't happened to me [yet], but one would think that would be illegal.

There is this guy who is, however, threatening to do such a thing. Someone I am intimately involved with has naked pictures of me. This guy saw them and made copies and now he periodically says he's going to show several of our friends. I'd like to know if there is legal action I can take if he goes through with it since I certainly wouldn't like them seen.

I know I'd have options if he were going to publish them, but is there anything if he shows them to my friends? I'd like to mention it to him before he goes through with it, perhaps he'd think better of it.
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leave your turntable on

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If you're a maintainer of a community, what is your biggest gripe about your community? I maintain several, and my biggest peeve is when people promote their own community in mine. I mean, if it has something to do with the content of my community, it's okay (example: if you have a community about pickles, it's okay to promote your Mount Olive pickles fan community), but if it has absolutely NOTHING to do with my community's content, I get pissed. That's what community_promo is for. So: what's your gripe?

And, because Thanksgiving's this week (for Americans anyway...): what was your favorite balloon in the Macy's parade? (I was always partial to the Snoopy balloon, as I am a fan.)
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so someone posts in my journal annomously (i think i spelled that wrong) and says that they like my journal and have been reading it off and on for a while and they put a link up with pics of themselves and say if i think them then maybe we can that weird??? how would you feel about that???

i havent been able to open the just curious just to see who it is or whats this about


What's the origin of plaid material, and why is it such a strong tradition? I know it's of Scottish origin, but that's about it.
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