November 23rd, 2003

A Little career advice...

Is anyone in here either currently majoring in psychology or currently employed as a psychologist? I am a junior in high school beginning to think about my future, and psychology (specifically a sports psych., criminal psych, or industrial organizational psych.) definitely has my interest. so..any advice on the ups, downs, salary, work conditions etc. of your job would be greatly appreciated. If you are a student, any information on what the classes are like would be great too. thanks
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(no subject)

what is a bankholiday?? i read it in bridget jones's diary and this short story for english...what the h. is it??? (some sort of holiday, i's an english thing, isn't it?)
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(no subject)

do you think that we as a generation have it harder, or that our parents did?
(please include your age too, if you dont mind)

(topic for my story for our highschool paper this month. im running out of bs... so id like some of yours if you care to share. :) that, and i think its a decent question. as always, thanks.)
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(no subject)

Does anyone know the integral of [ln x]^2? It's totally messing me up. I don't know if I have to use u & v parts, or if it just comes to 1/3 [ln x]^3!! But, if I use parts, I still don't know the actual integral of ln x! HELP!
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Radical Edward, Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV

I can pretend, anyway...

I was a dork and didn't just interview my parents when I had a chance. Since I'm 10 days late, I probably can't even turn it in for partial credit anyway, but...

I need to interview two people who graduated from high school at least 20 years before I did (well, would have.) Since that was 1996, I need someone who graduated in or before 1976.

I need to "discuss" (which, for this purpose, will be you telling me your opinions on some points) some comparisons between the 12-15 top rated shows during our respective senior years in high school. (This means the fall debut shows of your senior year. If you graduated in 1976, you would talk about the shows from the fall of 1975.) Lists of these can be found at and

The things I need to "discuss" are :
Collapse )

If anyone is bored enough to fill this out and help me with my research paper (which I might not even be able to turn in anyway, but if I can, it means I get an A instead of a B+...), please respond. :)

And, to make this official and add an actual question - can anyone help?
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Ice Skating

Where is a good place to buy good hockey skates? What are some rules to follow regarding size and comfort? What are the good brands, what are the prices?
What kind of (thickness, etc.) socks should be worn?

Any other advice about ice skating?
I skate pretty well, know how to do a few tricks, but professional advice is always good :)
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