November 22nd, 2003

birthday plans

my boyfriend's favorite restaurant is applebee's, we go there all the time.
his birthday is next week.
should i take him to applebee's since it's his favorite?
or since it's his birthday, should i do something more special?
thanks in advance.

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What happened to the disease leprosy? I read about it so much in pre-1800s books, and now I just thought "You never really hear about a case of leprosy nowadays.." So what happened? Did we find a cure for it?

And how did it (leprosy) start?

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if i created a winamp playlist, (let's say, "ska," "poppy rock," etc . . ." and then clicked and dragged to combine a few, and gave it a new name (like, if i combined "ska" and "poppy rock" and called this new list "happy music.") if i delete the original ones ("ska" and "poppy rock") would it delete the songs? could i still listen to them on the collaborative list ("happy music")?
get fuzzy! [crystal_blitz]

DVD players...

My sister is trying to watch Chicago, and the screen is all fuzzy. The DVD player works fine, my mom had it unhooked for a few days, but I can't think of what would be wrong with it.. Any ideas?

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Who in here hates their job? Who in here loves their job? What do you do?

What is your ideal job? Does this job exist? If so, what are you going to do in order to get it? If not, what is the closest thing to it?
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I have to make an airplane/glider that has to fly 40 feet for Aerospace. I'm trying my best. I made a wing and ribs that are curved slightly. For covering though, I was originally going to use tissue paper. But then I thought maybe plastic tightly wrapped around it may be better because it'll fit the wing/ribs better. Which one should I do? And what else can I do to my plane/glider to ensure it will fly 40ft?