November 21st, 2003

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Mona Lisa Smile

What is that song played in the commercial for Mona Lisa Smile? I know I've heard it before, but I simply can't think of the name of it, or who it's by (although I have a hunch it might be The Cranberries. perhaps.)
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Okay, so you're working outside in town. Let's say you're working in your yard or something. Do people always have something really stupid to say when they walk by, like "Gosh, it's a beautiful day for manual labor!" or "That wind is just blowing those leaves around!"?

My favorite is when I was 15. I was working for my county fair. It was the week after the fair, and my friend and I had to clean out stalls. Suddenly, this old man comes by in his car. He stops and rolls down his window and says "That's what I like to see, young boys forking shit!" Granted, that was 6 years ago, but I'm still bitter.

So tell me, does any of this happen to you?
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Why do so many US state postal abbreviations have the first and last letter of the state? In other words, why is Vermont VT when VE would have worked just as well? There are a ton of states like this when you think about it.
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Do you remember approximately what you were doing/what was going on in your life ten years ago? (GASP! It seems so LONG ago...!)

Ten years ago, I was still living in North Carolina, in the house I spent the first fourteen years of my life in. I was in Catholic school, and I was in second grade.
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Do you know of any area that has had reallly heavy traffic, and they did some construction, and it all went away? It seems to me that no matter what they do, the traffic never gets better.

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Can anyone recommend a good face cream that moisturizes, fights wrinkles, but doesn't cause breakouts? I am very prone to pimples. Preferably one that isn't really expensive. Thanks in advance.

stop, theif!

hey. i was given an mp3 player.

my father doesnt want me filling up our hardrive with music (i dont blame him), so i was wondering if its possible to download files directly to cds? or to the mp3 player? eh? maybe?

and hey... which theiving program should i download? i hear napsters back... its all ive ever known to tell you the truth, i havent downloaded music in years.

thanks kiddos. have a great day everybody.
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martial arts?!

I need to take up some sort of martial art.

since i have a large build. some on recommended that i should take up kick boxing or judo, or even both good combo?

the reason why i want to take up a martial art is for defense, not to go around beating the snot out of people. I'm so not like that.

any ideas what would suit me? :)

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can anyone recommend some nice, instrumental jazz... no vocals...just sax/trumpet/piano...

when im in the mood :)

can anyone also recommend some nice jazz with female vocals? hehe thanks in advance!
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I guess I pretty much know the answer to this, but I'm asking anyway.

Is there any way that little worms could get into dried soup mix that is vacuum sealed (like Lipton) simply because the soup mix contains eggs?

This question looks even more ridiculous written down.