November 19th, 2003

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I consider myself to be an atheist, but I feel as though I want/need something like a religion to believe in, something that can offer support, comfort and hope. If there is anyone else who feels the same way - what have you turned to? Have you discovered anything (maybe a certain religion) feels right for you, one that's 'turned your life around' so to speak? Thanks.

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does anyone know what's the name of the photographer (i think he's japanese) who is famous for taking pictures of animals with their noses really close to the camera, making kind of a "fishbowl" effect? and where could i find his photos online?

ebook questions

If you have formatted your book and layed it out in quark express then turned it into a .pdf can a the .pdf file format be considered an ebook?
What are the file formats that you are most often dealing with when you are dealing with ebooks?
What are some of the web sites that will sell your ebook on them?

What are the most important parts of creating a book what elements are included in almost every book?
Can any of these elements not be included, is there any augmentation that could occur to make them more pleasant to ingest?

How much are people generally paying their editors?

How many errors generally crop up in books?

How much of any writing should you give away to generate interest in what you are writing?

How can you fit giving in with good business?

Tongue in Cheek

The conservatives in Mass. are fighting against the legalization of gay marriages. Their basis is that "marriage is the union between a man and a woman with the intent of continuing the life cycle through procreation." or something along those lines.

Should we then start insisting that all married couples have children?
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Should I?

I have a math test tomorrow and I am soooo clueless. I want to stay home so I can put off the test and find someone to tutor me. Or at least come in late. I wonder what my mom will say. Should I go the whole day? Half Day? Or Stay Home (hmm!)?
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Got any advice for a guy who has really bad social anxiety and a stuttering problem and has to give a poorly-planned-for Chemistry presentation in about 15 hours?

My main problem is I get nervous, and that makes me mess up and stutter, and that makes me more self-conscious and nervous, which makes me mess up even more and freeze-panic, and altogether just want to run away.