November 18th, 2003

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Does anyone have any idea what is up with the band Orgy? I know Bobby left but did they break up or is their new cd (which I think was supposed to have been released already) just way behind schedule?
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ive always wondered about dreams and sleeping n stuff like that...

i heard somewhere that u can go a long time without sleep, but its the actual dreaming that ur body must have..

i met a girl once whos father was like a sleep analyst person and she was studying it at uni as well and it was reallly interesting..

does anyone know much about dreaming?

can anyone reccomend a good book abut this?

do you actually believe that dreams have meanings?
like from dream dictionaries?
i personally think that meaning stuff is all bullshit.... i tihnk that dreams are all mixed up thoguhts and emotions all jimbled together in the wierdest ways... i do believe that insecurities etc can be brought out in dreams..

and what about nightmares?
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This might be a stupid question, however...
Why do computer monitors and TV's light come off as blue?
You know, if you are standing outside someone's house you can tell they are on their PC or watching TV with the light off because there is a blue light given off from the monitors.

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does anyone know the name of the actress who played Alice on last night's 7th Heaven? my mom and i are arguing because she's convinced it's Mara Wilson (who played Matilda and the little girl in Mrs. Doubtfire among other things) all grown up and I'm just as convinced it's not. anyone know?

Birth Control

I want to start going on the Pill. However, I do not have a mother figure to confide in, and I fear telling my father because he might assume I'm having sex, which actually I'm not, but want to be prepared for the future.

I was thinking of calling a Planned Parenthood facillity near me, but I'm a bit afraid and not sure what I would say. What should I say when I call them? Or should I just tell my dad in the first place?