November 17th, 2003

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Can someone recognise a language without ever hearing it before?
I.e. a kid hears french for the first time, dose the kid recognise that it is the french language
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Do the employees work on commission?

A few months back, when we needed a temporary service off a landline, I grabbed a free disc in a store. Both times I installed it, it crashed our computer. I then recalled this happening previously, so immediately uninstalled it.

I cancelled the service, & it's been months. Suddenly, a mysterious charge appeared on the Visa card last night. This morning, it said "AOL". Collapse )
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I'm curious....

Do you know where New Zealand is?
What do you know about it?
What impressions do you have of the people/country etc??

Please also say where you are from and if you have ever been to NZ, or know some one who has.

Thanks :-)

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What's the deal with people saying "I'm sorry," if you're sick or someone in your family dies? It's not like they caused the illness or death, so why are they apologizing?

(I know it's courtesy, but why that and not something else?)
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awhile ago, I asked what the worst book you ever had to read for school was. So, what was/were the best book/books you've had to read for school? My votes go to The Westing Game, Underrunners, The Giver, A Separate Peace, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Their Eyes Were Watching God.
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I'm not sure if my computer is messed up or what.

Does anyone one one here use soulseek? And if so, is it connecting for you?

Mine isn't but I'm not sure if it's just me or not.
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Les Miserable, London 1997

I'm doing a little research for an RPG set in 1997, and would like to know if Les Miserable was showing in December in London. If anyone knows (or better, was there!), I'd like to get some basic information like dates, venue, etc. My googling skills is not quite up to scratch tonight. >.>

I'm not terribly fussy about the show itself - the month, year and location are the only important things - so if you know of other shows around that time, that's good too.

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Two quick computer questions..

Recently my motherboard fried, and i got a new one. Also upgraded from windows ME to windows xp. Now, i had a ton of files on my old computer that a friend burned onto a CD-R disk. Now when i pop them into my hard drive and try and cut and paste them onto my desktop it says..Access Denied. Make sure the disk is not full or wright- protected and that the file is currently not in use.


[i]What do i do to make sure that it is not write protected.[/i]

Also, on another disk he copied my briefcase from my old folder and when i try to open the briefcase it says..."The Briefcase cannot be opened because the disk is inaccessible. Verify that the disk is accessible.

[i]How do i make it accessible?[/i]
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No matter how early I go to bed, or how well I sleep through the night, I never wake up refreshed. I ALWAYS wake up feeling groggy and unbelievably tired. Of course this wears off as the day continues, but I'm at my wits end waking up. It's never pleasant, and I don't know why.
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I have lived my whole life thinking that "different than" is never correct, and to always use "different from." However, I read recently that it is indeed correct some of the time. This is very distressing... have I been wrong my whole life? Can anyone give me the absolute rules on this? Thanks!

(cross posted to GrammarPolice)
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Song requests

Has anyone seen the Starbursts Fruit and Cream commercial? There is people walking down a city street with lots of crap happening in the back ground while they just keep walking along and others join them. There is a song playing during the commercial, there is a man whistling in the song, what is the name of this song??

And one other...
There are two guys in a car. The passenger is trying to drink his coffee and the guy driving keeps hitting the brakes when the passenger takes a sip. What is the song in that commercial??

Help! I think it should be a law they post the name of the song at the end of the commercial. =(
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