November 16th, 2003


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Is the customer service so different between the UK and the US?

I work in a supermarket, I smile, say 'hello', remember my P's & Q's and I'm nice, that's customer service in the UK, in the US apparently it's hugely different, so how the hell do you get any nicer than that?
Most days it is a strain to do that with some of people whom pass through my till, it takes all my strength not to get up and punch some of them (perhaps that has something to do with the bad area I work in), so if it is so different in the US why is it so different and how do you manage being that nice to some of the customers who you'd really like to wallop?

[Yes, it was a hard day at work today, just wait till the Christmas season is upon us, trolly rage to look forward too]

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What is the funniest thing you have ever seen?

My dog likes to have her butt scratched, so if she's really excited, she backs her butt up against my leg or walks under my hand while I'm petting her till it's at her but and does "the scratchy butt dance," which consists of bouncing, wiggling her butt back and forth, and jumping up and down with just her hind legs!

Halmet Question!

Act 4, Scene 1..

The Queen says:
"To draw apart the body he hath killed,
O'er whom he very madness, like some ore
Among a mineral of metals base,
Shows itself pure: he weeps for what is done."

For any who has read Hamlet we know that he just accidently killed Polonius...He didn't really seem to care at the time so I'd assume he didn't cry about it but...did he? The Queen was there...and is the Queen just trying the King go easier on Hamlet? Is even "he weeps for what is done" meant to refer to Hamlet?
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impending examination doom...

I have four exams over the coming week, from Tues- Friday. Chemistry, Politics, Math and English.
Does anyone have any study tips for remembering stats and examples for writing essays? What about memorising methods for solving equations?
What about motivating yourself to study?
Do you stress during exams? If not, why not?
(I panick, and sometimes make stupid mistakes as a result. )
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gay boys and bandanas

This is going to sound really stupid, but...

Does anyone know the "lingo" for gay boys and bandanas? They are supposed to mean something by color and the side they're displayed on. Does anyone have a link or list I can look at?
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Boston clubs

Out of curiousity, does anyone know of any good clubs for people 21 and under in the Boston area? (I ask 'cause even though I'm 18, a few of my friends are under 18.) And if not, how do I search for that properly on Google? All of my Google searches are giving me from nothing to crap.
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Hey, do any of you know where I can find that animated clip of the two dudes singing the Mario theme song while an animated Mario kicks ass? You can like only see their feet. And stuff. Yeah. It was funny and I can't find it. Dude. :o)
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Why is Goth called Goth? The historical goths were barbarians who rampaged across Europe in the first millenium and were involved with such things as the destruction of teh western half of the Roman Empire.

So why do modern Goths call themselves Goths? They aren't anything like the historical goths(unless I'm missing some subtle connection here, entirely possible)... so where do they pull the term from?

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In music videos like for Marilyn Manson when they have children in their videos what do you suppose the parents of the children tell them about what they are doing in the video like when the kids are having to do something odd in the scene or just have to stand next to Mr. Warner when he is singing or swearing?