November 15th, 2003

Recording computer...something o.O

Is there any program available for downloading that can record something happening on the computer screen?

Like... if I wanted to show someone how to do something in a program, is there a way or a program to let me record me doing this, so I can send it to them and show them how, instead of just taking screencaps?
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insomnia ...

I have had an odd bout of insomnia lately. I don't get tired at night and, like last night, can function through the whole night without even the desire to go to sleep. This has gone on for a few days and at first I took some Unisom to get to sleep yet I am afraid of becoming dependant. How worried should I be about becoming dependant on sleeping pills to get to sleep? When should I get concerned about this insomnia?
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(no subject)

How do you get black marks off of beige wall paper? (and we've tried water.. that ate a hole in the wall paper..)
This would be a desprate teenager who doesnt know how said marks ended up on the wall.. just knows she is dead if the parental unit finds them.
thank you for your help!
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What are your opinions on New Jersey? Like, what do you think of when you hear NJ? What do you think about the people that live there?

Edit: Oh, and if you could please put what state or country you live in, that'd be nice too thanks :)