November 13th, 2003

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Okay, odd question, b/c that's the kind I generally ask.

I want to get some Smarties and basically make them into like mini hockey pucks that I can use for a little while before throwing out. Would the best way to do that be:

1.) Paint them with clear nail polish and then color them black with a sharpie.


2.) Paint them with black nail polish. (Though that might be a little thin.)

And if you can suggest anything else that might work (and is cheap!) then I'm all for suggestions. They don't have to last forever, I mean I can get a big bag of them!

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(no subject)

1. are you a calvin and hobbes fan? (for those of you who don't know, it's an insanely cool comic strip. the cartoonist retired several years ago, but the collection books are great. they're the dancing fellows in my icon.)

2. if you answered yes, what do YOU think the infamous "noodle incident" is?

my first instinct is to think there was a school food fight or something. but that's too generic. calvin probably transmogrified hobbes into a bird, and smuggled large quantities of noodles under his shirt to take from school to his bedroom to feed hobbes. one clue we DO know is that it happened at school because one time calvin's mom had a parent-teacher conference and he said, "did miss wormwood mention the noodle incident?!?!" or maybe it involves susie. perhaps he filled her locker with noodles?
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(no subject)

1. Why do we need to stretch?
2. What is your favourite "nu metal" band?
3. Which is your favourite Simpsons episode?
4. Simpsons character?
5. Least favourite Simpsons character?
6. What's your favourite movie?
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I'm having a sleepover this Saturday and I would like to know: can you reccomend any good scary movies?
We already saw: The Ring, The Others, The Mothman Prophecies, Sixth Sense... and that's pretty much it ^^;
Thanks in advance!
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Birth Control Pill Question

Has anyone else used birth control pills for awhile and then gone off of them? Did anything out of the ordinary happen? I used them and decided to switch to something else (barrier, rather than hormonal). Since I've been off of the pill, I've skipped a period, had sore breasts, and been nauseated off and on. Did this happen to anyone else going off the pill? How long did it last? I was on the pill for a year and a half before I quit taking it.
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(no subject)

i'm taking antibiotics right now. there's only like 5 or 6 total cuz they're really strong, and i take one a day. today i took one and then ate, and then i threw up. and it tasted like a pill.
so my question is... should i take another one now? or wait until tomorrow? does throwing up a pill count as not taking one? cuz it's bad to skip a day or not take all your antibiotics. and one of them went to waste. what should i do?